Hoppers in the Hunt

(Dove hunting season doesn’t officially start until Saturday but the Greensboro Grasshoppers are in the Hunt of Hickory and hope to catch the Crawdads before sundown on Labor Day Monday. Here’s what happened Sunday night after a strong outing by Kyle Winters and solid run support from Greg Burns, Scott Cousins, and Logan Morrison.) HOPPERS… Continue reading Hoppers in the Hunt

Whirlies get BIG WIN on the road

special to Greensborosports.com by Fred Harris Tough game for the Whirlies! Both teams established their running game early and very little passing up until the 4th quarter. Whirlie QB Zach Maynard was missing in action due to his suspension for this game. The Whirlies got things going with backup QB Seth O’Dell’s 13 yd scamper… Continue reading Whirlies get BIG WIN on the road

Friday Football Fever ????

One of the best things around Greensboro is Andy Durham Sports on 950-AM. All the scores and reports available on the radio – the place most people are during and after the games. I worked in television on and off for nearly 30 years and it amazed me how much effort television stations put into… Continue reading Friday Football Fever ????

30 more reasons to watch MASN

By Bruce Bullington – TV Guru Among the reasons not shown on the commercial MASN is currently blanketing the area with is seeing our local Orioles team having 30 runs dropped on them at the hands of the Texas Rangers this past Wednesday. If you’re thinking of dumping Time Warner for DirecTV, now is the… Continue reading 30 more reasons to watch MASN

Teer’s Take:Ragsdale Tigers pull away from SWG 29-15

special to Greensborosports.com by Mark Teer Great game with a great crowd on a hot night as Southwest Guilford came to Jamestown to renew their rivalry with Ragsdale. Ragsdale was able to turn three Southwest Guilford interceptions into three touchdowns as Ragsdale pulled away in the fourth quarter for a 29-15 win. First quarter was… Continue reading Teer’s Take:Ragsdale Tigers pull away from SWG 29-15

Here comes the clunker

Lexinton Deal Hoppers A 9-1 Set Back from www.gsohoppers.com GREENSBORO, N.C. – After a long streak of good baseball, the Greensboro Grasshoppers turned in a clunker Friday night. The Lexington Legends drubbed the Hoppers 9-1 before a crowd of 7,381 at First Horizon Park. Greensboro had won five straight, nine of 11 and 23 of… Continue reading Here comes the clunker

Fireworks Friday!

The Grasshoppers dropped tonights game against the Lexington Legends after sweeping the 2nd Half Division Leader Hickory. With High School Football in the area, the Panthers on TV, it was still a good crowd. Light winds required that Natty’s Hill be cleared, the Grandstand was the place to be for the fireworks show. Enjoy.

The Greensboro Grasshoppers are the hottest thing in town

HOPPERS SWEEP CRAWDADS, MOVE INTO SECOND PLACE By BILL HASS Gsohoppers.com(The Greensboro Grasshoppers are the hottest ticket in town. The Hoppers have won five in a row, they are 9-1 over their last 10 games, the team is something like 45-20 at home this season, and last night at First Horizon Park it was LONG… Continue reading The Greensboro Grasshoppers are the hottest thing in town

Greensboro Fencing Club

Woody Cavenaugh has details on the Downtown Greensboro Fencing Club. There are a lot of different things to do in Greensboro. If somebody says Greensboro is a nothing town, ask them if they have heard of the Fencing Club. We’re not a one or two sport town!

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Adult Flag Football

I caught this in YES Weekly – a note about a Triad Flag Football group…. The organization is based in Charlotte, but it appears as if they are branching out to Winston-Salem. They’ve got several versions of play: 4-On-4 up to 8-On-8, Youth League, Arena-style. Team fees are in the $200-$300 range. Game days appear… Continue reading Adult Flag Football

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This man is asking some Questions, got any Answers?

Larry Causey said, Hey whatever happened to Billy “Crash” Craddock? I heard his grandson was playing football for the Southeast Guilford Falcons and that the kid was a pretty good player. Anybody know if this is true? I have been tracking the Guilford County teams for many years and wondered which of the teams has… Continue reading This man is asking some Questions, got any Answers?

Long Gone all night long

by Bill Hass from Bill on Baseball at www.gsohoppers.com *****Bill is Mr. Baseball and Scott Cousins is now “The Great Scott” after Wednesday night’s ourburst for the Greensboro Grasshoppers at First Horizon Park***** GREENSBORO, N.C. – On Monday night, Scott Cousins decided to have some fun and get a tattoo. Wednesday night, Cousins tattooed Hickory… Continue reading Long Gone all night long

School Playbook and other sites

WXII’s parent company (Hearst Argyle) has a “new” internet initiative for High School Sports coverage. Instead of using their high priced photographers with their expensive camera equipment – why not get parents and students to send in their “home” videos for their TV station and website. Sounds good on the surface. WGHP and WFMY also… Continue reading School Playbook and other sites

Local youth coach moves on

Floyd Aydelette, 65, died Saturday August 18, 2007 at his home. Aydelette was a long-time coach of the Trotter Tiger youth football teams. He coached and helped many kids over the years including Tommy Harris, Joey Abuzuaiter, Michael Abuzuaiter, Remi Awolowo, and many others. Floyd Aydelette was a big part of Trotter Recreation Center and… Continue reading Local youth coach moves on

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