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    There is more to Bowling than Knocking Down Pins

    From oiling the lanes properly to knowing the right way to hit the pins for a strike. Bowling has a lot more to it than throwing the ball down the lanes. There are different weight-types in the bowling ball, and not all balls are balanced the same. Pro Bowlers have multiple bowling balls because the lanes are not the same, not to mention the lane characteristics change over a game. WAY MORE INFORMATION ABOUT BOWLING – in this 30 minute video

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    Judge Rules that North Carolina Bowling Alleys Can Reopen despite Governor Roy Cooper’s Order that kept them Closed

    from www.wxii12.com:(Be sure to check out WXII TV 12 News at 5, 6, and 11pm.) RALEIGH, N.C. —A judge says a dozen North Carolina bowling alleys can reopen despite Gov. Roy Cooper’s order that keeps them closed. A judge ruled that The Bowling Proprietors Association of the Carolinas and Georgia can reopen immediately with strict social distancing and cleaning guidelines, WRAL reports. The organization sued Cooper last month, claiming that his pandemic-related restrictions unfairly kept bowling alleys closed while allowing other businesses to reopen and operate under strict social distancing and cleaning guidelines. Special Superior Court Judge James Gale agreed,…