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Game Report on Southern Guilford-Kings Mountain Boys Basketball:SG “Kings of the Mountain” with Dawkins(18 pts.), Love(15), and Ferere(13) helping to take Storm to the Top

Southern Guilford 65, Kings Mountain 33 SG D.Ross-2 Z.Garrison-1 J.Ferere-13 Z.McGee-2 J.Dawkins-18 J.Roberson-2 J.Love-15 J.Hill-4 N.Blackston-8 Kings Mountain T.Robinette-7 J.Sanders-4 B.Floyd-6 B. Brown-2 K.Linney-7 C.Foster-3 E.Maddox-4 Courtesy of Michael Cheston,….

Game Report on Southern Guilford-Hibriten Boys Basketball:SG Storm roars to Round One win with Jamias Ferere nailing 23 pts./Nick Blackston pumps in 11 pts./Jacquarie Love with 10 pts.

Southern Guilford-67, Hibriten-31 SG- D.Ross-8 J.Ferere-23 Z.McGee-1 J.Dawkins-6 J.Roberson-2 J.Love-10 J.Hill-6 N.Blackston-11 Hibriten- H.Woodard-4 T.Vaught-5 K.Bowers-9 J.Maxwell-7 J.Willis-3 D.Tugman-2 J.Jones-1 Courtesy of Michael Cheston, with Southern Guilford Boys Basketball

Game Report on Southern Guilford-Smith Boys Basketball:Smith with both Neelys(Xavier and C.J.) 31 pts. combined and Lattimore[17 pts], get past Southern Guilford led by Love(22), Dawkins(13), Ferere(11), and Ross(10)

Smith-64, Southern Guilford-61 SG D.Ross-10 J.Ferere-11 J.Dawkins-13 J.Love-22 N.Blackston-5 Smith C.Neely-11 J.Hughes-2 N.Aikens-6 G.Lattimore-17 M.Gilbert-6 T.Mann-2 Z.Neely-20 Courtesy of Michael Cheston, with Southern Guilford boys basketball

Game Report on Southern Guilford-Providence Grove Boys Basketball:Ross and Love rise above to lead the SG Storm over the PG Patriots

Final Score:Southern Guilford-65, Providence Grove-33 (SG) D.Ross-17 Z.Garrison-5 B.Ruffin-3 J.Ferere-8 Z.McGee-2 J.Dawkins-4 J.Brinegar-2 F.Brown-2 J.Roberson-2 J.Love-13 J.Hill-2 N.Blackston-5 (Providence Grove) S.McKay-2 J.Ellis-7 J. Coltrane-1 B.Collins-5 Z.Cheek-8 C.Whitaker-1 K.Bowman-1 L.Fox-6 G.McKay-2….