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Game Report on Southern Guilford-WS Atkins Boys Basketball:SG Storm advance to Conference Finals with Ferere and Love setting the standard for the Storm

Southern Guilford-58 WS Atkins-37 SG-58 D.Ross-4 Z.Garrison-4 B.Ruffin-5 J.Ferere-17 J.Dawkins-3 F.Brown-2 J.Roberson-2 J.Love-12 J.Hill-3 N.Blackston-6 WS Atkins-37 K.Roope-2 E.Dunlapp-16 L.Atkins-2 D.Waugh-4 A.Russell-1 M.Williams-7 D.Linsay-2 P.Scott-3 Courtesy of Michael Cheston with….