Looking For Writers

We have been very busy recently here at GreensboroSports.Com and we will soon be putting out the plea for supplementary writers for our website. We thank Don Moore, our web site host for the great job he has been doing in keeping the articles posted and we seem to be picking up a regular reader base.

With an ever increasing readership we need to expand and bring new writers on board that have diverse interests and backgrounds. We were lucky to have Doug Cockman around as we got started and with Doug’s background at the News and Record and other publications we can move forward at a steady pace but the problem we are facing is that we need to pick up the pace.

We hope to branch out to the youth baseball community and to the GYSA families as the weather gets warmer. We also would like to hit the track running with coverage of local high school track and field and even local road races. John Kilgo and Billy Packer were considering to offer their help, but we felt like we should keep it local and let John and Billy continue to work on the national level.

If you have writing experience or if you just like to follow sports and would love to cover the local scene and write about Greensboro Sports please let us know in the future. We really need to connect with the youth soccer and the youth baseball and there is so much going on that we need to know more about.

We will be looking for some of your best sports photographs in the future so we can use them on the site. Go to the “contact us” icon on the web site and get the email info you need to become one of our contributors. We need you and with your help the site will grow and become the destination for local sports fans. You will be seeing more from Doug Cockman in the near future and we hope to get Bruce Bullington to write a local piece about hockey some time soon. TJ Rich one of our local youth hockey stars will be traveling to Canada in about 2 weeks and he is in Michigan playing youth hockey as we write this article and the young hockey stars are really starting to shine. TJ plays for the Junior Carolina Hurricanes and lives here in Guilford County.

We have a plan and we want you to join us and make this site fly. Send us an email and let us know if you want to write for our site and it will then become your site as well. Tell your friends and spread the word and we will let you know what needs to happen next. We will be adding audio and video in the coming months.

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  1. Guy’s

    Thank’s for the great work you do. I’m really sorry that I did’nt get a chance to say farewell to those who listened to the show. To those folks, I say thank you, beacuse without your support, there is no show! Right now, The “Big Mo Show” is nationwide. On January 24th, 2006, we launched the show on the Talk Star Radio network from 5-7 pm, Monday-Friday. We have several stations on board, and we are looking for a station in the Triad to carry the show. Until then you can listen to the show on the internet at http://www.talkstarradio.com. And if you would like to call in, the number is 1-877-528-(TALK)8255. Also the web site is up and running at http://www.bigmoshow.com, where you can also e-mail me. Again, thank you everyone for your support, and I hope to hear fromyou soon!

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