High School Highlights and Lowlights: Page Two with DUKE-NORTH CAROLINA

We laid it out pretty thick on Monday of this week and since we hit nearly all the major topics during our first installment we will quickly head toward the weekly top ten polls. The boys and girls will be making just a few more appearances as the regular season comes to a close this Friday. We will keep the polls coming for a few more weeks but soon we will have to turn our attention in the direction of the High School Baseball poll. The Greensboro Grasshoppers are on their way back at the end of March and by mid-April they will be the talk of the town.

Weekly TOP TEN POLL (Boys)
1)Greensboro Day School
4)High Point Central
6)High Point Andrews
7)Northeast Guilford
8)Eastern Guilford
10)Southeast Guilford
*****Kernersville Glenn is coming after us in Guilford County and the Bobcats will be invading our poll soon*****

Weekly TOP TEN POLL (Girls)
3)Northwest Guilford
4)High Point Central
6)Eastern Guilford
7)Bishop McGuiness(Unbeaten team from FC in GS)
9)Southwest Guilford

Duke vs. North Carolina will highlight the Tuesday night college hoop lineup and remember the ACC Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum is only about one month away. Bring on the ladies because they bring in some very large crowds and we will have Basketball on the brain in March here in the Gate City. The NCAA’s are coming here too, so get ready for the hoops explosion. We need to go after a real talent, such as say an Ogi Overman and have him write a daily log of what is going on during the all the big games.

I am sure we could get Ogi to beat the Bushes and pull out some major information on the happenings surrounding the Coliseum. Ogi has been beating the Bushes in his weekly columns over at the Mess Weakly now for the past year or so. If we can get Double O out to the coliseum then maybe he will find the time to write about some hoops for a change of pace, by George.

Overman has this thing about ripping Mr. W and if we can just get Double O refocused then maybe Ogi would see he has Left out the Right materials in his Mess Weakly articles. I could rip on all the local publications, like The Whino Times, Go Home Triad, The Carolina Pacemaker, Shifty Nickle…. You get the Picture. The best Journalism going today is right here at GreensboroSports.
Com. If nothing else we are having some fun covering the local sports scene.

We need to get back to that Duke-Carolina game. Duke is nothing but a two-man team according to some of the experts at the LDI.(Long Distance Institute of Shooting with instruction by Dr. Tim Duhon) Reddick and Williams are tough but the Heels come at you with Hansbrough, Terry, Noel, Miller, and Frasor. Duke can brag that Dockery can hit the long shot and that Melchionni is starting to heat up. This Josh McRoberts kid will be busy trying to hang with the Heels inside and what if Reddick finally breaks down and gets tired?

The Heels play the pressure defense and they like to run it up and down the court, so will it be the Heels in Chapel Hill? Noted author Art Chansky, who has been making the rounds on the Triangle radio stations, says this is the best rivalry in college basketball history. The way this series has played out since Smith and Bubas were at each others throats I would have to agree.

After Vic Bubas left Duke the Devils went out and tried to bring the retired former Kentucky Wildcat dictator Adolph Rupp to Durham to coach the Blue Devils. I did not uncover this piece of info, it comes from Chansky who again says the Duke-North Carolina rivalry is the best in college basketball history.
If we could have only had Ogi Overman on this story we might have the RIGHT touch and then we wouldn’t be LEFT out in the cold.

DUKE-NORTH CAROLINA, as the great one Charlie Harville used to say,
“That’s the Best in Sports Today”.