The Countdown is On

People are already counting the days until the ACW hits the Bessemer Center on Phillips Avenue just down the street from the WFMY TV 2 studios. The old Bingo Hall on Phillips will be lighted up and the grapplers will there to entertain the fans and make some new friends and rekindle some old feuds.

There is expected to a busload of kids coming over from the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs and their leader Mr. Macha assures us that he will get involved in the fray before the night is finished. Macha is sort of a 2006 “Modern Day Macha Man”. We have word from the promoter of ACW, “Killer Tim Brooks Blaze”, that several “Psycho Sid” clones have called about ticket availability.

The word on the street is that nationally known wrestling writer Bruce Mitchell will be on hand and his old sidekick Undercover John Hitchcock is planning to be there. This would reunite the tag team of Mitch and Hitch. The Saturday night card slated for March 25th has lots of possibilities and we hope to see a good turn for out the ACW/Tim Blaze show at the Bessemer Center, 2523 Phillips Avenue inside the old Bingo Hall. ECW used to do their shows in the Bingo Hall up in Philly and maybe the Karma can carry over to the Gate City.

The big deal about Saturday night is that the kids from the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs have a good time and that this activity is a good way for them to spend a safe and productive evening. If you know of any kids get them out there Saturday night and if you are a kid in an older body then hit the floor and be out the door and ready for more fun and laughs than you’ve had since the Dream Warriors(Harold Hadnott and Mark Vance) were you’re Gate City Tag Champs. The show starts at 7:30, call 601-6271 for more details.

Don’t get me started, don’t even get me started. I saw the “Big Bear”, Barry Cohen’s picture the other day over at the Beef Burger and if the Bear is out there, somewhere, I believe we need to be on the lurk out. Not look out, but lurk out. That is a serious awareness alert. What ever happened to “Bam Bam” Coalson? Be on the lurk for mat men of days gone by. “Cowboy Chris” Starr has got to be on somebody’s range and he might be headed our way. We saw Blackjack Mulligan on the WWE Raw on Monday night and when you see Mulligan you’ve got to think of “Diamond Dan” Grondy.

The Saturday Night Main Event drew a 3.2 rating and that is considered to be upsetting to NBC but they have scheduled another SNME for July 15 in Dallas, Texas. The Shawn Michaels/Shane McMahon match was the most intriguing of the evening and that move that Michaels made carrying McMahon off the top rope and out of the ring through the air on to and through two tables was the most smashing move of the year. Going through the tables full-force coming off the top ropes was a ********** move for Shawn and Shane.

Mick Foley got his program with Edge off and running on SNME and then took the Wrestlemania hype to the next level on Monday Night Raw. The WWE is pushing the envelopes hard but they are also doing too much talking and not enough wrestling for the die-hard fans. The fans want to see more in-ring action and less blab-blab-blab-blab….. Triple H has positioned himself back into the Title picture and in doing so he pushed Edge way back down the ladder of success. Love him or hate him, Edge was getting the WWE big numbers when he was in the top 2 and either had the belt or he was chasing Cena for the belt on Raw.

Triple H sees too much attention coming Edge’s way when the Superstar is the top draw and Hunter is going to make sure that he pulls Edge back down and that the Game is in control of the belt and that the Game is man the fans see and hear the most of and not the young stirrmaster Edge. Triple H sees a lot of himself in Edge and it scares the Game. Edge is like a young version of Triple H, back when HHH was fighting his way up the ladder. Edge is ready to break out but the guys behind the scenes are holding him back. RVD was ready to break out but they held him back and now he is reaching the point where he is getting too old and too beat up to carry the banner for any length of time.

The WWE officials need to turn Edge and Cena loose and the two young fellows can carry the company for a few solid money making years. Throw in a nutt case like Mickey James and mix in Trish and some of the other women who look great and can wrestle, and then with Ric Flair becoming a manager and bringing along some new prodigy like Chuck Palumbo we might have something. Flair managing Carlito would be crazily entertaining and could be a solid draw. For my money The Big Show as a singles wrestler could make a nice run for the WWE title and he would put on a strong program with Edge or Cena. Huge guy(Big Show) and also an older guy(Big Show) vs. younger guys like Cena or Edge. Give Big Show the belt and let he keep it by defending it for several months(nobody can beat this huge, mammoth man).

I see Shawn Michaels taking a few months off after Wrestlemania to get some well-deserved rest. Michaels has been taking a beating lately and he needs a break. Every week he is facing the McMahons or some other adversary and he has been pushed beyond the point of no return. Michaels has to be in his early to mid- 40’s by now and he is not a young man any more. This guy needs a vacation.

We will try to keep you updated about the Tim Blaze/ACW event all week long so keep it right here at……….