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We got to see a large amount of basketball this past weekend and what about our teams that made the sweet 16 of the NCAA and what happened to our boys that came marching home and saw their seasons and some careers come to a close. Is their really closure in basketball or even in sports all-together if you stop and think about it? How many of you would give your left arm just to keep shooting with your right hook if it meant you could play the games forever? If you’re a lefty just switch hands. I don’t intend to ever quit playing some form of ball or recreation activity. I was out there bouncing the ball on Sunday afternoon at General Greene Elementary and that’s where I feel most comfortable. It doesn’t matter which court I am playing on, lifers like me need to be outside and inside if the lane opens up.

I don’t get my kicks watching games on TV but it’s good to catch up on our ACC boys on occasion. Duke is right where they wanted to be. Back in the hunt for another national title and Coach K is coaching and selling cars. Mr. Clark Early, one our local residents drove the bus for all of Coach K’s family when they were in Greensboro a couple of years back and he said Mickie and all the kids were really nice people, and after he called them to make sure they sent him his money they sent along a very sweet tip to go along with his required payment. The Duke fans love JJ Redick and Sheldon Williams and let’s hope for the Blue Devils sake that the dynamic duo can carry Duke to the top.

Boston College is on the way to the sweet sixteen and I haven’t accepted these characters into my personal ACC universe quite yet. I have not latched on to these BC Cats or Eagles as they are affectionately known to their fans. To me BC does not respect the ACC. They have come into the conference like they own the place. BC needs to pay their dues before they start earning my respect. The ACC is sort of a basketball Nirvana and you don’t gain total acceptance automatically, you have to prove yourself over a period of time.
As for the ACC, I’ve been on this beat for too many years and I will tell you how things are going to be done around here.

North Carolina is finished but I take off my imaginary hat to Roy Williams. I loved how Roy got into it and tossed that chair on Sunday. The man has a passion for the game and he is into it and his focus is on nothing else. The game is life or death to Williams and that’s the way it should be. I have the utmost respect for Williams and the job he and his Heels did this year. Coach K has the same type of passion for the game. These guys are very intense and that’s what the fans are looking for. It’s like you’re playing the game and it has to mean something. As for Herb Sendeck, the Wolfpack doesn’t generate excitement for the N.C. State fans these days. I didn’t even know State was playing Texas on Sunday and it’s because the State fans don’t have faith in the Red and White anymore. They won on Friday, but you just knew the suffering would be over soon. This team is going nowhere. What about next year? Repeat that line and play back the tape of this year, the year before that and so on. The only real team N.C. State had was back in 1974 and Norm Sloan is dead and DT and Tommy B. and Monte T. can’t suit up again. Rick Barnes, Kelvin Sampson, Tubby Smith, Rick Pitino, Jim Harrick Sr./Jr., Lou Pucillo, Steve Warren, the slick guy who used to coach at UCLA who now thinks he’s slick on ESPN(Steve Lavin). Bring ’em on.

We saw Torian Green, son of Sidney Green(formerly of the Orlando Magic), playing with the Florida Gators during the NCAA’s. Torian played at the Greensboro Coliseum with the Orlando AAU team for the 10 and Under National Championship back in the early 90’s against our own Greensboro Gaters team coached by Freddy Johnson. Chris Gaynor was playing for Winthrop(nearly knocked off Tennessee) on TV and Chris played local AAU for the team with Chris Paul out of Winston- Salem.(5 State championships and one national title for the WS AAU team) Gaynor played for the Mount Tabor Spartans back in high school.

Our local AAU teams were in full action this past weekend and from what I was seeing in the News and Record, Brandon Pennix and his Gaters 14 and Under team won the Super Regional. Pennix is a tall lean youngster and he has a future as a Dudley Panther and from what I have been hearing over the years from Justin Smith, Jack Cassels, and Sneaky Williamson this Pennix kid could be going places. Vic Sapp does a super job with all the AAU work and he is to be commended along with all his coaches and volunteers. Walter Faye was one of those local coaches and he is dad to Whit Holcombe-Faye and Travis Holcombe-Faye two former local hoops stars.

In baseball I had a word with Kevin Moore and he tells me all is well at Grimsley and that the Whirlies are ready to make a drive toward the top of the Metro 4-A. Alan Ashkinazy has the Whirlies pumped up and that means you better get over to the Whirlies home field this week and check them out. Home games for Grimsley on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. Kevin says Lester Rivenbark, Dusty Shutt, and Clint Moore are fitting in just fine with the Whirlies and that all 3 might see time on the mound before this year’s over. Scouts are in attendance at all the Whirlies games. We mentioned Addison Johnson of North Forsyth earlier this season and he is one of the solid NF Vikings but the real stud might be John Ackely. The watch is out on Ackely. He has all the tools according to Kevin. Ackely’s dad, John Ackley Sr. is now working Prep Stars Baseball and the watch is out on Prep Stars too. Keep an eye on the Ackelys and the Moores and the Whirlies and the NF Vikings.

Keep an eye on this week too and we will begin our local wrestling coverage on Tuesday. We will also highlight the recent Saturday Night’s Main Event.

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