High School Lacrosse/N.C. State’s Next Basketball Coach

I had a chance to watch a Lacrosse match between Southeast Guilford and Northwest at the Falcons home field on Tuesday evening. Lacrosse is receiving quite a bit of publicity these days and although I had planned on seeing a baseball game at Southeast the Lacrosse activity turned out to be very entertaining.

The girls know how to score goals and they know how to make it close. The final score turned out to be 17-16 in overtime and the winner came in the sudden-death version of OT. Running up and down the field is the norm in Lacrosse and if your real lucky you can make a clean break for the front of the net and try to slam home the big shot. Southeast scored it and won the OT contest.

Certain observers have called Lacrosse, Hockey without the pads. The girls game of Lacrosse does not allow for checking and therefore involves limited hitting and little extracuricular contact. The boys game is very physical and you may need to see a doctor or a lawyer after the main event. The Duke men’s Lacrosse team is in a bucket of hot water these days and the outcome of their night of checking out the ladies will be talked about for many years to come. What happened in Durham stays in Durham unless you go to High Point and try to buy a lottery ticket and then you may still need to have security assist you to your car. Durham has been called the roughest city in the state by many outsiders and they say the overall crime rate will overwhelm even the causual onlookers.

Much of the on-campus crime at Duke has been overlooked or simply swept under the rug and with the influence and affluence you have to believe that Duke will find a way to let the current situation eventually float away like a cloud on a cool spring morning. The word is that crime runs like wildfire through the streets of Durham, but for my money, and that is becoming a short supply, the roughest city in the state of North Carolina is High Point.

High Point has some very mean streets and the crime that goes unreported would scare a death row inmate. High Point is mean and rough. The night gets dark and the sparrows crave the light of dawn. When you hear the sparrows singing in the early morning hours in High Point they are singing the praises that they have survived another 24 hours. In High Point street terms, they’re just glad to be alive brother. The inner city of High Point runs right down English Street, not too far from the famous Culler’s Store. This area which is not too far from High Point Central High School is a melting pot with people from all nationalities.

The black man, the white man, the Hispanic fellow all come together on Hard Knocks Blvd. right out in front of Magic Johnson’s place of business. Olde English 800 is fluidly spoken in this neck of the woods and everyman is there to try to live like the sparrows and just be able to see another sunrise and to make a dollar and have the chance to eat another evening meal right after sunset. Times are tough, rough and mean in High Point and don’t let anybody tell you different. Keep your head down and feet moving while walking and if you are in a car driving along English don’t look back, just keep on going.

We should all take a little trip into High Point or Durham and experience the realism that comes from knowing what’s going on along the bad side of the tracks. I have been there and I hope I’m not going back. Back to that Lacrosse game the other night, Roy Turner the AD at Southeast is leaving for Wilmington and it looks like Roy is glad to be getting out of Guilford County. Guilford County education, under the leadership of superintendent Terry Grier, is way behind the rest of the state and Roy Turner will be glad to get a fresh start.

The new basketball coach at N.C. State should be? It should be Larry Hunter now up at Western Carolina because when he was Herb’s top assistant a couple of years ago, Hunter ran the team and that is why N.C. State became a regular NCAA tournament participant. Hunter is reason that the Wolfpack showed so much improvement. Hunter has turned WCU into a solid, above board program and he needs to be the hire at N.C. State. Bring on Larry Hunter, hollar if you hear me. Hunter would actually like to have the job, unlike Rick and John and PJ. Hunter was at Ohio Univeristy before he became the top assistant to Herb at State and just check his record. He had 20 plus wins year-after-year and he was let go because he placed too much emphasis on winning. Hunter is the reason State started winning. If you looked over at bench in the tight game situations, Hunter was the man doing the coaching and making the key decisions, and the players were looking to Hunter for the final word. Bring back Larry Hunter. Hollar if you hear me.

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  1. I have never known any on campus crime at duke, I think greensboro has much more crime than high point, I have never known HP to have a secret police, also is larry hunter related to curtis hunter, maybe they could be co- head coaches.

  2. Take it from a current High Point-ian, you want no part of this town. Just come down Main Street at about 2:30 on a hot summer Friday night and you will witness crimes against humanity you never knew existed. Take a stroll through Tarheel Lanes, bowl a few games if you dare. You might as well enjoy your last minutes on earth! If the disco lights don’t make you pass out I’m quite certain that in a few minutes you should catch a Bud Light bottle square in the head from a fight that just broke out three lanes down. Yep, your only hope is that Mary Ann spots you and drags you into the ladies restroom and props you up on a toilet where you will no doubt wake the next morning with a splitting head-ache, but what can you expect from a bowling alley called Taheel?

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