Road Trip, Road Rage, Ragsdale’s Road Dogs

The Greensboro Grasshoppers have been on a steady Road Trip as we hit the Friday Lanes and with 2 wins already while down in Greenville, South Carolina the Hoppers have climbed to six games over .500(26-20) as game number 4 of the Greensboro-Greenville series approaches in S.C.

The Hoppers have been hitting the ball, 11-5 winners on Thursday and they have received some timely pitching, 2-0 victors on Wednesday. Reliever Travis Talbott is back with the team, up from Jupiter and other additions and subtractions are expected soon.

The Hoppers will begin a 4 game Memorial Day Weekend home series with the Lake County Captains on Saturday night at First Horizon Park. Ryan Tucker would be the scheduled starter for the Hoppers and he won his last outing for the Hops back on Monday in the day game against the Kannapolis Intimidators. Fireworks on Saturday and Family Day on Sunday, this should be a fun Holiday Weekend.

The Greensboro Revolution(Indoor Football Team) are back home in the Greensboro Coliseum on Friday night and they are probaly still getting over a case of Road Rage after being out of town for the past six or seven weeks. It’s almost like the team hasn’t even been here yet. These guys and gals must be pretty hyper since the men on the team and the women that cheer them on haven’t even had a game of any type in over 3 weeks. The team has had open dates the past 2 weeks and it will be almost like they are starting all over again, to use a phrase from Peaches and Herb or the Stylisstics or maybe they are Reunited or maybe it’s Reunite(the Lite Grape Beverage).

The Carolina Dynamo have yet to contact us and give the official run-down on how their season is going, but at last check our local Soccer team in a World Cup Year is Undefeated(Dynamo on the Go at 5-0).

The RAGSDALE TIGERS are one game away from palying in the 3-A State Championship Baseball Series after defeating North Gaston 5-4 in 9 innings on the road back on Thursday night. The Tigers have only lost 2 games all season long(27-2) and will be at home in Jamestown on Friday night to try put away North Gaston and hopefully head to First Horizon Park for the state title series next week. Trevor Mullins has been lights out on the mound for the Tigers and he struck out 15 batters in a 1-0 win over Southwest Guilford earlier in the week. Mullins(13-0) and Catlin Carter(7-0) make for a solid 1-2 punch on the mound for the boys from Jamestown. The Tigers were made out to be the Road Dogs at North Gaston but so far that has not been the case any time this year for the Donnie Maness coached club.

The other Road Dog could been in town on Saturday when the TNA/UWF brings their wrestling show to the Gate City. The show will held at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club on Neal Street. I would have rather seen this show be brought in by Tim Blaze and his crew but I am sure that Tim Daniels and those involved will do a fine job. Tim Blaze and Doug Cockman need to see about bringing future shows on this level to their arena on Phillips Avenue and we might just see something like this down the road either with the TNA, TNT, or the WWE, you never know what The Road Doug and TB have up their sleeves. I would like to see TB and TD come together but it looks like there may be a war brewing between all parties from the CWF(TD) and from TB’s ACW group. I just wish all the guys and gals could get along around here but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

TD is good guy and TB is not a bad fellow but Wrestling can cause some crazy turns. I hope TB doesn’t do a run-in and try to steal the show(TNA/UWF) on Saturday night at the S&A-B&G Club. Tim Blaze has been known to have a few loose wires and his Cannon has gone off a few times unexpectedly as well. Enjoy the Wrestling and watch out for Jeff Hardy as returns to the town where Bruce Mitchell had some strange things say about JH back in the early part of 2005.

Please have a Safe and Happy Holiday Weekend and I hope nobody gets MAD and says something they may regret later.

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