GBGH, Johnny Thomas, Jack Murphy, Brad Krantz, World Cup: Take Your Pick

We have quite a lineup to choose from on this early week editon of the blog-blog-blog at We will keep this round short and simple and get into more details on Tuesday.(This Masterpiece may become longer than anticipated).

The Greensboro Grasshoppers earned a split in their 4 game set with the Augusta Greenjackets at First Horizon Park. The Hoppers won Sunday afternoon 5-3 on Brett Hayes grand slam homerun and solid pitching from Aaron Thompson and Todd Doolittle. Gary Roche continued his steady hitting and Gary has earned himself a regular spot somewhere in the Grasshoppers’ infield. The GBGH are 2-2 to start the second half and now head to Asheville for a 4 game series with the Tourists.

Johnny Thomas has committed to NC State. The young basketeball player from Greensboro Day School made his decision over the weekend and becomes the 2nd name player from GDS to sign with the Wolfpack in recent years. Justin Gainey was a starting point guard for coach Freddy Johnson at GDS and later ran the offense at the PG spot for Herb Sendek in Raleigh. Thomas(6’7) is still growing and he should be a good fit for the Pack at the small forward position. Pack Pride out of Raleigh broke the story on Sunday and Jim Young of the local N&R had the inside in Monday’s sports section. I had a source give me this info on Thomas a while back but I did not want to put it out on the Website until I confirmed my sources and I was briefly out of the country late Sunday and could not reach my superiors at and therefore we could not be the first with the Big Story. Our apologies and in the future we will make arrangements to insure that we are always #1 with the top sports news.

Speaking of news that you can use, someone called me around 9am on Monday morning and told me that it sounded like that Jack Murphy of 107.5 WKZL, had been reading the site and was using our material to get a big Rush of calls on his Murphy in the Morning Show(5:30-10am on KZL). We here at GBS are not in cahoots with Mr. Murphy but if he wants to use our resorces then we will not fault him for choosing the #1 Sports Source in the area. The point in question was a discussion about the Carolina Hurricanes winning the Stanley Cup title and the caller that spoke with me said it sounded like Murphy was taking the GBS slant and using it to his advantage. I just wish the media people would credit us when using our GBS blogs and stories. Thanks, but we could sure use the shameless plugs. Murphy used Chris Kelly’s material for years to get to the top and now he is going the GBS route.

I caught the last part of the Brad Krantz program on FM Talk 101.1 on Monday morning and heard BK and the original Randy Jackson. RJ of Triad weather fame and not the Jackson who calls everyone DOG during those American Bridle shows over on FOX. American Bridle, a great show about Horses and how to train them to sing. The reason I was tuned to K&J(Krantz and Jackson), was my radio was still set at 101.1 from Sunday evening when the Alan Handleman Rock Talk show was coming down with his special guest John Stossel. Stossel suffered major hearing loss when professional wrestler Dr. D. David Shultz nearly knocked Stossel’s ear off back in the 80’s to prove to JS that rasslin’ was real.

The Brad Krantz show was not too bad with the topic of the day being, “Freedom of Expression-Burning the American Flag”. Krantz said burn baby burn, because flag-burning is not a large ranging problem in the US. Several War Vets called BK and RJ to disagree but Krantz said, do you want the US to dicate everything you can and can not do and put the US citizens in a position similar to those people living in Cuba and North Korea? One caller voiced an opinion that the Mexican flag is being flown all over the Triad/Triangle and we should feel threatened by a potential Mexican takeover of our North Carolina territories.

Italy has survived another game in the World Cup of Soccer. The Italians stopped Australia 1-0(One-Nil) on a penelty kick during injury time after the regulation 90 minute time had run off the game clock and just before the overtime periods would begin. Italy had been playing a man down for most of the match but the Aussies could not take advantage of the red card issued to the FBI(Full Blooded Italians). One fan told me that the Australian team was made up of half Croations(6 Aussies and 5 Croatians). Eleven to a side and take your pick, although I bet you that the Powers that Be(FIFA) would love to see England and their man David Beckham in the Finals. Ronaldo(Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima) is probably the #1 overall player on the field, but they say he is too old to lead his squad to the Championship. Ronaldo is nicknamed the “The Phenomenon” and with his skill and leadership, Brazil should still be the best team in World Cup competition. Brazil and Ronaldo=’s Big-Time Soccer. Our background check on Ronaldo came from

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  1. If is the leader in sports why have you not been able to report about the only UNDEAFTED team in guilford county, the DYNAMO soccer team, I was there last week to watch them, it was standing room only and they did not even have a fireworks night, I guess you were to busy judging the hot dog eating contest at FHP, that is ok I will turn to the news and record or the RHINO to get news on my favorite guilford county sports team, but please let us know when there will be another fireworks night at FHP, I am sure all the sports fans cannot wait.

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