Roll Call for the Cup, Hoppers Coming Home, Palominos Finish Today

How many of you are planning to come down to First Horizon Park on Wednesday night and see the Stanley Cup? Are you still Cup Crazy? The Cup will be on display from 7-9pm and I’m not sure exactly where the Cup will be strategically placed, but it should create some traffic. The Grasshoppers are excited about the Cup so I hope it all goes well for those involved.

Don’t know for sure if we will be able to sign the Cup, drink from the Cup, or do something else with the Cup, but I hear Don Moore will be taking pictures for the Website and if you have some photos that look pretty good send those to Don at You may want to bring a black Magic Marker in case you get a chance to sign the Cup. It’s got a bunch of Crazy Canadians’ names on it so you ought to be able to get your name on it too.

The Hoppers will be home again starting on Tuesday and there is a Big 4th of July celebration planned with the Fireworks Extravaganza coming up after the game. This year’s Fireworks Show is expected to bigger than the largest one in the history of North Carolina that took place last year at Cecil Carr’s farm up above Lewisville. Cecil Carr’s relatives were Plantation owners and they were known to blow up anything in sight and from what I was hearing that was the case on July 4, 2005 in Lewisville. Rumor has it that CC will be in Greensboro this year and he is no longer trigger happy, in fact Carr has calmed down and he is not runnning at the same NASCARR-like pace, after a very busy cookout season in ’05. CC was serving up Huge Free Meals on the old Plantation just across the Lewisville Gorge last year on the 4th and CC has been telling all of Forsyth County and anyone else that will listen, “no more Free coming from me and that’s CC not Ernest T”(as in Ernest T. Bass of Mayberry fame).

The Palomino Baseball Group will finish their tournament today and from what I was told last week by Justin Smith, there should be a big game involving the Guilford Patriots starting around 6pm at Grimsley High School. We will continue to try to support our local sports teams here at GBS and if you have ideas or would like to send info our way just contact us at the locations listed at the top of the page. If you have a poker tournament coming we will not be covering that, but other than card- room- capers we are pretty much open to other possibilities. (Dan Nuckles, please don’t call us again complaining).

We need more of you to get involved in our Sunday afternoon Basketball Games, and I’m hoping that a few good soldiers will step and join the Army and if you have comments on this project just leave your thoughts at the bottom of the page in the Comment Box. I’m not sure if any of you could handle the Sunday games but it sure would be fun to see a few of you trying to keep up with an old warrior(ME) from years of outdoor basketball court battles.

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  1. I would like to sign up for the Greensboro Sports summer basketball league. Please send me information regarding this league. I am a “lifer” and would like the chance to prove it sargent Andy!

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