Dynamo, Dynamo, “It’s Time to Prop Up Our Carolina(Greensboro) Dynamo”: Plus Hoppers-Ric Flair-Neal Hatcher-Cam Bennerman

The Carolina Dynamo will meet the Seattle Sounders tonight at Macpherson Stadium in the 3rd round of the US Open Cup. In their last Cup contest the Dynamo defeated the Richmond Kickers 1-0 and that game was two weeks ago tonight if my far reaching memory serves me correctly. The Sounders are an A-League team playing at a higher level than the Dynamo but the Dynamo are the team to beat based upon what I’ve been seeing and hearing.

If the Dynamo go on to win the game this evening they will then be playing against the Houston Dynamo for the US Open Cup championship. Let’s go Dynamo because the game versus Houston would be a great marketing event, proving who is the Real Dynamo. Loser drops the name and the winner is the Real Dynamo for Life.

The Dynamo have not lost a game all season long and we’re hoping the squad led by Randi Patterson and Daryl Roberts, can keep on rolling right into the US Open finals. Game time is 7:30 and again the location is the Macpherson Stadium at Bryan Park which is just off Highway 29 North near Browns Summit.
Tickets are only $5.00 and from what I was reading in the N&R, all kids wearing their youth soccer jerseys get in FREE. There is a HUGE Girls Soccer camp going on this week at Guilford College and maybe all those young ladies will show up. Let’s Go Dynamo and be sure to come the game and say Hello to Gary Ross the Dynamo Public Address announcer. Gary does a first-class job.
Coach Joe Brown and GM Scott Zapko will have the Dynamo ready.

The Greensboro Grasshoppers dropped their most recent game on the road to the Lake County Captains 5-3 on Tuesday up in Ohio. The Hoppers will be back home on Saturday to begin an 8 game home stand at First Horizon Park.

Can you believe that the American League beat the National League again on Tuesday night at the MLB All-Star game? The 3-2 win by the AL over the NL continues a 10 year domination by the Junior Circuit. Can you believe that people don’t even use those terms any more? The Senior Circuit and the Junior Circuit and can you believe that Ric Flair is still going at it in the Squared Circle and he is now doing it with ECW? Flair should be on the Senior Circuit already.

Extreme Championship Wrestling(ECW) had their show on Tuesday night at 10pm on the SciFi Network. Flair is still going strong and he put on a Pier 6 Match with the Big Show last night and the Blood was running like water out of a fire hydrant on a hot July afternoon in the projects on the East Side of lower Manhatten. The match was a bloddy mess but Flair continues to bust his Butt when it is all on the line. RF must be right at 60 years old and he still works harder than any of the young Punks that you see on TV today. RF may be a bit old and now much slower but he can still outwork just about anybody else in the business. Ric had never wrestled an ECW match before but this guy earns what the big man is paying him and RF can fight with the best of them and his work ethic puts many others to shame. Flair can still go and he can still bleed and he will still take a beating for the home team( the parent company WWE).

It was kind of sad to see where Neal Hatcher stepped down as Athletic Director at Grimsley this week. Neal did a solid job and he put in many tireless hours taking care of the fields and the facilities at Grimsley. NH will be missed and it seems like more and more of our local High School athletic leaders are getting out of the business as soon as they get in their 30-plus years. Not many of the AD’s and coaches are staying around past the 30 year mark and it may be a reflection on our Society, a sad reflection at that.

Cammeron Bennerman was cut by the Miami Heat before they played their first Summer League game. Talk about giving a kid a chance. You would think the Heat would at least give Cam an opportunity to show Miami what he can do in a game. Bob McAdoo is with the Heat and don’t you think a former Greensboro boy should give CB(Bennerman) at least more than a shot in the dark out by a street light. How’s that for a brother treating a brother, and a Greensboro-brother at that. We are all Greensboro-brothers so Cam keep up the faith, we are looking out for you and Eric Hicks here at Greensborosports.com……………Remember the Greensbrothers will ride again.