G’BO Needs a DOJO

With all the talk about what this town needs a thought came to me today and I decided to share the insights with all my good friends here at GBS.

G’BO needs a DOJO. A martial arts training center where the best in the world could come and train and then put on big-time fights that would bring in large crowds and put our little town on the map. The training center would train young fighters in the Mixed Martial Arts.(MMA) These would be UFC(Ultimate Fight Championship) style bouts. The intrest is there as these type fights are pretty much the real deal and they are putting up very good viewership numbers on Spike TV and on the Fox Sports Network(FSN).

The Venue on Randleman Road has put on some of these shows, but The Venue is not consistant. You never know what those guys are up to, out-dated billboards on the highway and the marque out in front of the place is never correct.

We need to have that professional training center and make it a building where you can also hold the big Fight Nights. Bruce Mitchell of the Pro Wrestling Torch told me a few months back that this was the next big thing and the MMA and the UFC are drawing record crowds out West and it is all headed our way. Greensboro could be the East Coast Center for the MMA and the UFC-style fights and we would be seeing attendance in the neighborhood of 10,000 to 15,000 for these pro-style fights. It’s almost like a no-holds barred activity. Our G’BO DOJO would be the world-class training center and we could feature the up and coming young fighters on the cards and bring in some big names from out of town to round out the card.

This would help put our little town on the map and bring in people from around the world. Let’s start with our wish-list of a who’s who that would fill the seats if they were on the docket. Ken Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz, then how about Dan “The Beast” Severn vs. Tank Abbot, then here comes the legendary Royce Gracie vs. Chuck Lidell. These bouts would get the house rocking.

To inspire local intrest we could include area names and have some specialty fights that would bring in record crowds or they sure would get the locals talking. Here are just a few ideas for you to chew on.

Skip Alston vs. Billy Yow for the rights to Skip’s Dog House on East Market Street. Former Mayor Carolyn Allen and Nelson Johnson vs. current Mayor Keith Holliday and the late Eddie Dawson(former KKK station wagon driver November 1979) for the Rights to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Cruise package to the Ivory Coast.

Those first two bouts will set the stage but stay with us we have more on the way. What if we bring on Don Moore vs. Matt Brown to see who can fill up the Greensboro Coliseum with a Paid Sellout. Many ACC freebies have been floating down Lee Street near the Ralph Havis Beef Burger. We need to get the International Flava flowing and we have just signed Sammy Sandoval vs. Nowell Sosa for the key and Control of the Hispanic Community living on the edge above the Elwell and Phillips Avenue overpass.

The Classic Re-Match brings the fans back and Don Rumsey vs. Martin Walsh a repeat of the Thrilla in Summerfilla circa 1989 will sell tickets. Cecil Carr vs. Dennis Bass for the sole possesion of a DiGornio’s Pizza courtesy of the Harris Teeter at Guilford College would catch my attention. Bruce Bullington vs. Chan Harrison is on the line. Bruce wins Chan dies, Chan wins Bruce is Chan’s Dad for life.(Hang in there Harry we have a good deal going on lighter fluid this week)

If everybody on the Card brings their family and friends we should have a sell-out. Just to be sure let’s run with Ogi Overman vs. Brian Clarey for the Editorship of YES Weekly. Ogi is the Vet and Clarey still has ‘Orleans on his mind. John Hammer vs. Terry Grier for the Guilford County School Superintendent’s Gavel would prove that Hammer doesn’t know more about Education than Dr. Grier does although Hammer thinks he could run the Guilford County School Board all by himself, at least that’s the impression I’m getting.

Another Media fracass would insue if we could sign Julie Luck vs. Wanda Starke. Julie of FOX 8 News fame and Wanda of NewsChannel 12. I put my money on Julie by DeFright. The thought and DeFright of Wanda over Julie scares me. Julie is the Winner. Next we have Jim Amash vs. John Hitchcock for all the Superman Returns comic books up in my attic. Last check I had 200 but they are the 1991 version. Keeping in mind the Media theme here goes with Jeff Carlton vs. Rob Daniels for sole rights to cover the Greensboro Grasshoppers for the N&R.

In a political/sports twist we can go with Mike Barber(attorney) vs. Matt Kutler(Greensboro Grasshopper OF) for the Gate City Golden pair of shears. If you don’t like that round we can come back with Doug Cockman vs. Linda(Blondie) Wilson for the passenger seat in DC’s Toyota 4-Runner. Some of these bouts are lame but one that has had me perplexed for many years is what would happen if put Larry Bird vs. Jimmy Hawk. I gotta know.

I only have three more fights so you need to be thinking about the bouts that you might want to see, whether it is Professional or one of our local sluggers. The last three from me include Jim Melvin vs. Jim Modlin to determine the Biggest Jim in G’Boro. There’s old friend Jimmy Fulmer vs. Dusty Dunn for the Title of Oldest Living Active Radio Voice in Guilford County(Contrary to what you’ve heard, Max Meeks is not Living). Our last encounter has a Holiday Theme with Tom Lomax vs. Doug Brown to see who gets to put up the Christmas Lights this year.

On the Real side of the fence, I would like to see us get that G’BO DOJO and then have Greensboro become the Fight Capital of the Universe with large crowds coming out for the bouts each and every week. The new CW Network could carry these local fights on tape delay and for one special fight and this would be my Hall of Fame feature, we could bring on Cactus Jack(Mick Foley) vs. Terry Funk with James Lyells in Funk’s corner.

If you have any suggestions send them our way and enjoy the G’BO DOJO.

7 thoughts on “G’BO Needs a DOJO

  1. I love it! Where do we sign up at? The only bout I notice you left out would be J.A. Joey vs Goatboy in a rubber snake match!

  2. no UFC match would be complete without dusting off the original UFC area Champ “Butt Gutswell” Maybe Butt Gutswell vs Chicken Chuck!!

  3. Steve, you make an excellent point, but I don’t think there’s any chance that Chuck the Chicken(the former South Carolina Gamecock Fan from the days of “Off the Wall Sportscall on WKEW) would ever come out of Retirement to face “Butt” unless Chris and Chris along De-rear-dra from over at ROCK 92 were there to call the Fight and it was being catered by Ellen and Pappa John’s Pizza with wings from George’s Pizza and Sub and Cheerwine and Cookies, you get the Big Picture, Chuck will be there Yesteday. I’ll still take “Butt” Gutswell in 6.

  4. I’ve spent over 15 years covering sports for the Pennsylvania wire service and I can honestly say in my professional opinion that Jimmy “Sky” Hawk could take Larry “the Legend” Bird any day of the week and twice on Sundays. I’ve never seen the “Hawk” in flight, mind you, but word on the street is that he would school the “Bird” in this hardcourt avian battle!!!

  5. I want to see Hillary Clinton vs. Candy Rice, followed by Superstar Billy Graham vs. Franklin Graham vs. Reverend Ike in a triple threat match. Special Guest Referees: former Greensboro Police Chief David Wray and Jesse Jackson.

  6. I want to see Andy D from GS.com vs Scott Yost from the Rhino slug it out for the top writer in Guilford County, also David Wray vs Mitchel Johnson for the keys to the office, after giving it MUCH thought, I think Jim Melvin should slug it out with Joey Mendelo for the king of downtown.

  7. I would like to see the Jogging Jocko Jack Moose Lobottomotta Dead-Head Durham against Big BILL Spothead Hollifield -it would be a sellout-the winner would marry Tammy Faye Baker immediately after the match.

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