Greensboro Team Claims Second Victory in Colt East Zone Tournament

The Greensboro Colt baseball team got off to a 2-0 lead early and made it stand up as they knocked off Rockingham County in the 2006 Colt East Zone Tournament at Memorial Stadiium. Our local team coached by Alan Ashkinazy of the Greensboro Batting Center went on to finish off Rockingham County 6-3 for the final score in the scheduled 3pm(the game started much later because the umpires showed up late) matchup on this hot Friday afternoon.

The game time temperature was 94 degrees and the players did a good job of standing up in the extreme July heat. The Greensboro Green team has now won two games in the Tournament after Thursday’s opening win 12-0 over Hagerstown and only needs to win one game on Saturday to move on to the Colt World Series.

The Long Island Braves are the only team the Batting Center has yet to play and those two could meet on Saturday and I hope they do because it looks wild to see a team from New York wearing the Braves uniforms.

Ashkinazy has a solid ball club with Clint Moore, Alan Craven, and others from Grimsley, and Frankie Johnson from Dudley, Nick Jones from Page, Cameron Cockman from Southeast Guilford, and several kids from other schools including Southwest Guilford.

I saw a number of local fans at the game like Don Tilley from the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department, Larry Moore and his wife Patsy, Kevin Moore, Craig Bigham, Don Stowe, Bernie Myers and many other people who put in countless hours helping the Colt Baseball program.

Good luck to the Greesnboro Batting Center, hopefully on their way to a World Series title.

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