RT Express and Hoppers Roll over RiverDogs

The Mighty Righty Ryan Tucker had his stuff on Sunday afternoon and the Greensboro Grasshoppers had their hitting shoes on and the result was a 10-3 victory over the Charleston, South Carolina RiverDogs. The Hoppers picked up their 4th win in a row and Tucker(now 6-10) was tough all day long. Speaking of Long, the Hoppers connected for 2 LONG GONE homeruns. Brett Hayes hit a three-run shot his 8th and Gary Roche launched a solo shot, his second of the season.

The Hoppers scored in bunches off the Dogs, with 3 big runs in the first inning and then a six-run out-burst in the 5th as ten Hopppers came to the plate. The other run came on Roche’s HR in the 8th. For the Hopppers 10 runs on 10 hits and their pitching took care of the rest.

The Hopper’s starter Ryan Tucker was very effective striking out 8 Dogs and walking just 2. Tucker gave up 2 first inning runs on a triple by Marcos Vechionacci but after that it was pretty much “lights out” while Tuck was on the hill. RT and the Grasshoppers pitching staff kept the guys out in the “K” zone busy ringing up the strikouts with 11 total by the staff. Don Moore and Robert Stutts were working hard to keep up with Tuck and relievers Jason Iehl and Blake Jones who tossed 1 inning each. The way the Hoppers’ pitchers have been throwing lately the Waffle House will be working overtime serving up all those FREE waffles.

It was nice to see Augustin Septimo back in the Hoppers lineup at shortstop Sunday after a 6-8 week abcense due to injury. The Hoppers will be in action again tonight(Monday) against the RiverDogs at First Horizon Park, first pitch 7pm.

11 thoughts on “RT Express and Hoppers Roll over RiverDogs

  1. Augustin is a great talent, I’m very excited that we have him back. He brings a certain burst of energy to the team, and he always seems to make a play when we need it. Hopefully we can keep this ball rolling through this homestand and into our road trip and climb back into the playoff hunt. Woooo-Woooo. Hey Andy, when are we going to get some NASCAR talk on GS.com? We are in the heart of NASCAR country and coming down to the chase. Any NASCAR gear heads out there?

  2. GS.com needs to get up to speed in todays sports world, in my opinion the greatest QB in NFL history, Troy Aikman got inducted into the Hall Of Fame this weekend I will give him a shout out since GS .com did not mention one thing about it.

  3. Troy Aikman(TA) is a donkey(JA) and he played for the Dallas Cowboys.
    Enough said, Case Closed………….

  4. The Patriots are America’s new team. The Cowboys haven’t been America’s team in ten years. Not to mention that ANY team with Terrell Owens on it could never be America’s team!

  5. The Redskins are America’s team because they are in the nation’s captiol, Washington, DC. The Cowboys tried to kill the Redskins but the commander
    in chief said “Hail to the Redskins”…. Dallas is South America’s team. Nuff
    said, CASE CLOSED……

  6. The Carolina Panthers are going to win the Super Bowl and Jake is a better QB than Mark Brunell and Troy Aikman combined. The Panthers are the team to beat and Keyshawn Johnson plus Steve Smith equals All-Pro wideouts. Can you say Rodney J is the new commisioner of the Pro Football Fan’s Forum? I know my stuff and the rest of you better hit the showers NOW because your season is DONE before it gets started. “And that’s The Bottom Line because Rodney J says so suckers”.

  7. The Panthers will never win with Jake calling the shots, he always chokes in the big game, if Steve and Jake want to see Troy and I think the best wideout to play in the NFL Micheal Irvins rings they better chack them out because that is as close as they will get to a super bowl ring.

  8. You need to stop living in the past brother! Aikman and Irvin are yesterday’s news. No one wants to hear about those has-beens. They were great players, but not even close to the greatest ever. Irvin was never even close to Rice, and Aikman was never the QB that Montana or Elway was. Rice was a worker, he worked hard for all those records. How many records does Irvin have? Irvin was busy running his trap while Rice was busy setting every receiving record known to man!

  9. I think you judge players on the rings they get while they are playing, that is why Marino will never be in the same class as Aikman, Aikman had the leadership to lead them to all of there super bowl wins, you judge Irvin on the rings not the records, records will always be broken, 10 years from now we will be saying Jerry Who.

  10. What?! Do you not realize that Rice has the same amount of rings as Irvin? He also was the MVP in one, which Irvin never did. Irvin was a great wideout, but this is not even open to debate! Jerry Rice is the best receiver in NFL history hands down, and most fans, writers and pros think he was the greatest player ever to play the game because he worked harder than any player ever has.

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