Is the Ball(790AM) Going Flat?

I have been getting calls lately asking me if I have been listening to Sports Talk Radio 790 the Ball. I do listen much of the day but it is usually in and out of the car and around lunch time when the Jim Rome show comes on and I am into some paper work and this allows me to listen non-stop for a couple of hours. The word that I keep hearing is that the Ball is going Flat.

The Bill Kimm Show seems to draw the ire of most of my callers. The people that I have been talking to know Sports and they want to hear Sports. BK is becoming like the BK Broiler. He is fast burning out and losing his audience. I do not get to catch all of Bill’s show because around 10am I am hitting the computer and following up on my previous day’s work and making plans for the new day.

I always hear small portions of BK’s show in the 9 o’clock hour and the part that I remember most from a recent show that has me thinking that maybe they should call this the Bill Kimberly Show, was the time Bill Kimberly starts talking about his wife and her friends sitting around the house last night having a scrapbook party. BK’s wife and two other hot chicks as Kimberly called them sitting around the stinking house and making a scrapbook. That’s a great topic for a Sports Talk Show.

BK is making his bed and he will be lying in it. I hope he will be in his bed with his wife and not those other two chicks as well. Kimm is not keeping his listeners in fact he is running them away. A very good example comes from Bill Kimm and 790’s so-called BALL CLUB. You call in and get registered to be in the BALL CLUB, and when they call out your name over the air on 790, if you call in within the alloted time you win a prize pacakge. I have spoken directly with BALL CLUB winners and they are ticked off. You have to drive all the way to the other side of High Point and pick up your BIG PRIZE and when you get there, you got nothing. Nothing but a Stinkin’ cup holder and BALL key chain. You’re supposed to be winning BALL GEAR which would lead you to believe that you have won a “T” Shirt or maybe a BALL Cap. No such luck. They should give you a tank of gas for driving all the way to the other side of High Point.

Is the BALL going flat? When Kimm was away on vacation, possibly on a trip to Asia to receive a new coaster for his BALL beer mug, the shows were pretty good. Dave(Borin’)Goren of TV 12 Sports filled in along with Joel Glasgow of NEWS 2 Sports, and then there was Mike Hogewood of FOX Sports and Lincoln Financial ACC Sports. Hogewood, being a real local person from Greensboro is always fun to listen to. Joel Glasgow does a good job and Joel knows his info and is prepared to carry the 3 hours. Joel seems to know a lot about all sports and especially is keen on the Carolina Panthers. The sports update guy is the man who carries that station. Drew Davis is on the Ball and does an outstanding job on all his responsibilities.

Is the Ball going flat? On their Summer Tour Remotes the Ball uses BALL GIRLS to draw in the Huge Crowds. These girls sound like they are in Middle School. They sound like little kids when they are talking and doing their promos on the air on the Ball. 850 the Buzz has Buzz Babes and these girls sound like they are at least in College. You might get arrested if you are seen talking to the BALL GIRLS out in public. To make the Summer Tour more effective, the BALL tries to draw you the listener into these events but when you get to say the Jersey Mike’s Sub Shop, this week’s official tour stop, the BALL is giving you nothing for coming out to the event. How’s about another FREE BALL KEY CHAIN? A chance to win $79.00 in cash? “Show me the Money”, said one BALL listener who obviously didn’t see anything but a Middle School BALL GIRL and her Mom sitting over in the corner by a fish bowl.

Well, Lahddy Da Da Da…….. It looks like we have answered our question. With the exception of the Jim Rome Show and Prime Time with the Pac Man, the Ball is going FLAT. I like Jim Rome’s Show and have really enjoyed it recently while JR has been on vacation and Jim Lampley, Roger Lodge, John Feinstein and others have been hosting. Pac Man’s show can get silly but they do have good guests and solid contributing guest co-hosts.

Marine SGT. Leroy Key may have said it best when on his 790 the Ball public service announcement he says “I have just started my 3rd Tour of Iraq and never have I been so glad to be out of the country”. Why do you think Key keeps going back to IRAQ? The BALL is going Flat and SGT. Key is glad to be the heck out of this stinkin’ place.