ACC Coaches Feeling Heat While On The Seat:Somebody’s Gonna Get Burnt

While covering our College Football Corner in yesterday’s edition of the the we failed to touch on a touchy subject and since I’ve been getting the bug in the ear the past couple of days let’s take a quick look at the HotSeat.

Which ACC Football coaches are on the HotSeat? A better way to look at this deal might be to ask, Whose Not on the HotSeat? My guess is that there are 5 coaches with complete job security, at least for this year. Bobby Bowden’s not going anywhere until he feels like it. Frank Beamer is safe and sound up in Blacksburg. Continuing our theme of B’s, Tommy Bowden at Clemson signed a longer term deal at the end of last season and he will have money in the bank for several years. Tom O’Brien at Boston College isn’t leaving even if they were to tell him to “Get Out”. Tom has the best attorney in the ACC. Last I heard Erik Albright the ACC’s chief litigator couldn’t hold a candle to this guy up in Beantown.

Do you think Jim Grobe is talking to the U-Haul man? Grobe is standing on solid ground over in Winston. The Demon Deacons wouldn’t trade Jim for two other Jims, Caldwell and Baker and maybe even Hoffa and Brunzell thrown in for good measure.

We mentioned the Five who are Alive and what about the Seven that are not in ACC Heaven? Duke should change coaches every year. Any other ACC head coaches that are let go should be forced to coach at least one year at Duke. Duke is looking to go 0-11 and Ted Roof is not just on the HotSeat, his Butt is boiling. Wallace Wade Stadium needs a new Roof on the place.

John Bunting is in deep trouble. The Heels have to win at least 6 games or it will be Long Gone John. The Heels don’t look like they are going to win 6 games and the only Bowling they will be doing is over at Tar Heel Lanes. The Tar Heel fans that are doing the big talking hate John Bunting. Steve Logan has been saying on his Radio Show(850 “The Buzz”-Raleigh and our man on the street in Durham tells us that Logan is now on 620 “The Bull”, 1-3pm) that he thinks the entire Tar Heel boat is full of Losers. Logan is calling the Heels Losers. Some Heels are saying that Bunting has a Buzz and he never has his team ready to play on Saturday. The Heels looked half-ready last weekend. Coach Bunting may want to trade places with Steve Logan and it may be better for Coach Blunt to do what Carl Torbush did and take a job at a Division II school. Elon is usually looking for assistants right before spring practice each year.

It’s gonna be Warm this Fall for the bossmen in Chapel Hill and Durham. Watch out for others that will end up getting burnt. Al Groh at Virginia is not the Albert Einstein of coaches but he has to be better than that NumbSkull up at PITT. Dave Wannstedt has never done anything but now after the Wahoos loss to the Panthers, “Groh Must Go” signs are lining the Highway heading up 29 North right after you cross the James River coming out of Lynchburg running toward Madison Heights. Rightfully so,”Groh Must Go”.

I don’t know why people would want to get rid of Larry Coker at Miami, but his head is on the Chopping Block. The word is Coker will be a Croaker if he can’t win 10 and get to a BCS Bowl of some type. Poor old Ralph Friedgen what have you done for us lately? He put a couple of 10 and 11 win seasons together and the Terps had it all on Ice in the Frigidare but now AD Yow is about to have a Cow. Come on Ralphie, Man you must finish in the top three of your division or you are FINISHED.

If Chan Gailey and Georgia Tech beat Notre Dame, Chan is the Man in the ATL. Now you may be watching Chan’s last Stand. Chan will be on the HotSeat all of 2006 in Yellow Jacket Country and if can’t beat Georgia, then here’s the Plan, load the Van, and send Chan to Japan and bring in Stan Hansen. Steve Logan said he knows the way to Atlanta from Raleigh, just stay on 85 South till you pass the big PEACH.

Did we leave a coach out on our list of HotSeat Possibilities? Does Chuck have a truck? Amato will not go if he goes 8-4 and by glancing at the Wolfpack schedule, and you can check it out for yourself, the Pack has an outside chance of doing the 8-4. If the Pack can stay on the Attack and keep it on the Fast-Track then they won’t be looking Back. Amato will not go. If the Pack finishes 5-7 then that outside chance will have Chuck checking out things from outside his former coaches’ office.

Any thoughts on the HotSeat? Leave your last wishes for the coaches at the bottom, because unfortunately that’s where too many of them are headed.

6 thoughts on “ACC Coaches Feeling Heat While On The Seat:Somebody’s Gonna Get Burnt

  1. Pretty easy on Chuck compared to the other 6 hot seaters. Chuck needs to get run over by a truck! I’m so sick of watching the Wolfpack I could barf. What has Amato ever done for us? I’m a wolfpack fan, but they have underachieved every single year under him!

  2. Chuck goes 8-4 or 7-5 and even 6-6 and everything will be OK. The Wolves will start howling at 6-6 but that won’t get Chuck trucked this year. Amato can go 8-4, but he will have to run the ball into the ground and make BOTH Brown and Baker 100 yard per game rushers. Play solid “D” and control the ball. Run like the wind and WIN…….AD

  3. I agree with everything mentioned in the preceeding article. I look forward to calling this website my new home. Dick Crum

  4. Hey, I just saw where the Coach weighed in. It’s good to have him back in the fold, and whatever the Coach says, that’s good enough for me. Lawrence

  5. Hey Folks, I really like this place. It is good to see so many faces from the past checking in. I will be stopping by throughout the season giving my current opinion on the ACC season. I am also working with the folks at ODU as they prepare to field a team in a couple of years. I have contacted the people over at DUKE as I hear they are looking to field a team in a few years as well and I want to offer my assistance as they try to get their Football program started and off the ground and running. I think it would be great if DUKE added Football, they have done real well with Basketball. I also want my name added to list over in Chapel Hill and Raleigh so when they decide to start playing Real Football again I can work with them too. I’ll be talking again with you real soon. Dick Sheridan
    PS…Mike O’Cain said tell yall HEY too……..

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