NFL “N Sider”:Week Number Two and are the Panthers Through?

The Carolina Panthers fell like a ton of bricks in Week #1 and these fans of the Panthers like Chan Harrison better start making plans for a quick turn-around or this year the Panthers may be going SOUTH Carolina in a hurry. The Cats will travel to Minnesota on Sunday and the Vikings just got through polishing off the Redskins on Monday Night Football and the Vikes are not a gimme.

Brad Johnson looked sharpe for Minnesota at QB but Jake Delhomme looked rugged calling the shots for the Panthers. The Panthers better hope they can get Steve Smith well soon or they will be hurting when they take the field at the MetroDome in Minneapolis. The Cats LB Dan Morgan needs a CAT-SCAN to determine if he can still play competitive football. Harrisn once said that Dan Morgan was the “Best” LB in professional football. People like Hairusson need to keep their Pie-Hole shut or somebody will shut it for them. The Panthers will be on TV Sunday, and every Sunday from now on, so you better get used to it.

The Bears proved they have some offense to go with their defense and now they will play host to Detroit on Sunday. The Bears are for real, so Chan may want to switch teams while he has a chance to step up and be somebody. The Colts will destroy Houston and Peyton Manning did a great job last Sunday in New York where everybody, including Channing was pulling for “Little Brother” Eli Manning. Harrisin should jump on board a Colt with his uncle Marvin and go for a wild ride into the AFC Winner’s Circle.

The Falcons have a solid 1-2-3 punch with Mike Vick, Warrick Dunn, and Algie Crumpler and Atlanta better roll and rule in their home opener with Tampa. Phillip Rivers ran the Chargers’ offense to perfection in San Diego’s win over the hapless or should we say helpless Raiders. Rivers and the new LT could form a nucleus that can go on for a few weeks before they drop a game. I was happy for Rivers and I hope that Harrisen doesn’t start talking about SD and jinx the Chargers.

You have to like the Bengals and the way they played last Sunday and now Cincinnati can wear out Cleveland this week in Cinncy. Carson Palmer and Rudy Johnson are going to put some points on the board and the AFC Central is going to be a tight race to see who ends up in first place. Washington and Dallas will square off on Sunday night for the NBC characters and it’s not often, even this early in the season to see both the Cowboys and Redskins enter this game without a win. Both the ‘Skins and the ‘Boys 0-1 and I’ll take the Cowboys at home to beat Washington. Bill Parcells is one mean dude and I wouldn’t be shocked to see both Bill and Joe Gibbs just flat out “QUIT” and leave their jobs before this season is over.

Pittsburg and Jacksonville on Monday night and I am pulling for the Steelers to murder the Sharks, I mean Jags. They(Jacksonville) were the Sharks in the old USFL and in the WFL. Mr. Jacksonville Del Rio is one of the best defensive coaches around but he will not win in the long run with Byron(my arm is full of Kryptonite) Leftwich as his QB.

The Game of the Week is Arizona at Seattle and I am taking the Cardinals. The Cards have to win this game to stir up the NFL pot. Kurt Warner is my favorite QB in the league and he stands for all the things that make Harrisun a Mad-Man. Warner and James and a host of excellent young receivers and Arizona is on their way to becoming the best up-and-coming team in the NFC. Denny Green can coach some offense now and he has Mike Ditka’s phone number if he needs help on defense. Mike Holmgren watched his Seahawk team struggle to put points on the board last week and I for one hope it happens again. Enjoy your weekend and don’t take any football tips from a man named Chan Harrisan.

PS….Did any of you football fans see that Oakland/San Diego game and they were playing on a combo Football/Baseball field? That is joke…..Here we are in 2006 and the NFL is making alll this Huge Money and one of it’s teams is playing on a Baseball field. That’s BUSH LEAGUE. It looked like a TV picture from over at Lindley Park when I was playing for the Guilford Optimist and we were taking on the Green Valley Gators on that Football/PONY League Baeball field at Lindley and we had that old Ref with one eye who had been around for over 100 years. His name was Mr. IC Apple and we all loved the old guy, but let me tell you something. The NFL should not be playing on some STINKIN’ combo Football/Baseball Field in the year 2006, and that’s the bottom line and I am sure that Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock would agree with me.