SuperBowl or SuperBull?/Grilled Chuck on the HotSeat and Big Al Says It’s Hot up in Virginny Too……

The Panthers are 0-2 and there was talk that they were going to the Super Bowl. Do you think it’s SuperBowl or SuperBull? The Seat is getting hotter for Chuck Amato at NC State and he could be Flirting with Disaster down in Raleigh. Al Groh is in big trouble up at the University of Virginia and the smoke is gettng thicker in the ACC.

Who’s in the worst shape right now when we look at the ACC Football coaches. Amato is looking pretty weak, Bunting had to struggle to beat Furman, and Groh is in BAD shape in Charlottesville.

Which ACC Football coaches are history at the end of this season and do you think the Panthers still have any hopes at all of making the Playoffs. The Panthers with the exception of Julius Peppers, were playing like a backyard team on Sunday at Minnesota. Let’s hear from you and we will have the full College Football Corner on Tuesday.


  1. I think we need to demote all of the big four schools to at least 1-aa ball. In some cases 1-aaa may be nessesary. Lets put State, Carolina, and Wake in the SoCon. Then put Duke in whatever conference Guilford College plays in. They still wouldn’t stand a chance to win the conference, but at least they may win a game. Better yet, just let them practice until Turkey day, and then see if they can hang with us at GC!

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