Jim Modlin’s NFL “N” Sider Picks

With the way the weather’s going we may all need a jug of Apple Cider to get us through the weekend.

Jim’s Gems from the Fitness Today Gym:(Jim was 10-4 last week,{but Roch Smith was 11-3}, no one has ever, and I mean EVER topped Roch’s mark. Roch is on a roll and he can’t be stopped.  Give it a shot at the bottom of the box if you think you can out-pick Roch on-a-Roll Smith or BIG JIM.  If you don’t list your picks in the comment box, I don’t want to hear you running your stinkin’ mouth all over town)

Buffalo at Indianapolis(Indy)

Baltimore at Tennessee(Ravens)

Cleveland at Atlanta(Falcons)

Green Bay at Minnesota(Vikings)

Kansas City at Miami(KC)

San Francisco at Detroit(Detroit)

Houston at Jacksonville(Jacksonville)

N.Y. Jets at New England(Patriots)

San Diego at Cincinnati(Cinncy)

Washington at Philadelphia(Philly)

Denver at Oakland(Denver)

St. Louis at Seattle(Seahawks)

New Orleans at Pittsburgh(Steelers)

Dallas at Arizona(Dallas)

Chicago at N.Y.Giants(N.Y.Giants)

Monday night:Tampa Bay at Carolina(Carolina)

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