Jim Modlin, Roch Smith, and Marhsall Brown’s NFL “N” Sider Picks

Last week Marshall went 10-6, Roch was 8-8 and Big Jim dipped to 7-9.  Let’s get some others joining this fearsome and relentless trio and make some hot picks for week 11.  We need the Gr8ful Coach to join in and get on the team and we will be on our way and if we could ever get David Hoggard and Ogi Overman to get off the bench and get in on the games we would be headed to Charlotte for the playoffs.  Roch Smith should get the Hornet’s nest stirred up and then we could get some Greensboro Police officers in on the fun.  Just some ideas for us to be chewing on.

Jim’s Picks: Buffalo at Houston(Houston)

Chicago at N.Y. Jets(Chicago)

Minnesota at Miami(Miami)

Atlanta at Baltimore(Atlanta)

Cincinnati at New Orleans(Cincinnati)

Oakland at Kansas City(Kansas City)

New England at Green Bay(New England)

St. Louis at Carolina(Carolina)

Pittsburgh at Cleveland(Pittsburgh)

Tennessee at Philadelphia(Philadelphia)

Washington at Tampa Bay(Tampa Bay)

Seattle at San Francisco(Seattle)

Detroit at Arizona(Arizona)

Indianapolis at Dallas(Dallas)

San Diego at Denver(Denver)

Monday night:N.Y. Giants at Jacksonville(Giants)

2 thoughts on “Jim Modlin, Roch Smith, and Marhsall Brown’s NFL “N” Sider Picks

  1. C’mon coach Jenkins, get in here and make some picks! We need your leadership. Hou, Chic, Mia, Atl, N.O., KC, N.E., Car, Pitt, Philly, T.B., SF, Det, Indy, S.D., Jack 24-20…

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