Chuck Amato has been fired as head football coach at N.C. State.  We received the word late Saturday night from our source at the High Point Enterprise, Greg Johnson.  Johnson who is a newspaperman deliveryman but knows people inside the HPE sports department says Amato was let go because he could not beat NORTH CAROLINA and that Amato was hated by all the members of the N.C. State board of trustees.  The board could not stand Amato’s arrogant attitude and the fact that Chuck thought he was bigger than everyone on campus.  When the money-people speak, then things start happening.

Greg Johnson tells us that Paul Johnson of Navy(one of Greg’s distant relatives), Norm Chow of the Tennessee Titans, and Bill Cowher of the Pittsburgh Steelers are the favorites for the N.C. State job. 

Greensboro is the home for the ACC offices and at we are home to anything that deals with Greensboro.  We hope to have more details on this story in our College Football Corner later in the week.  You may ask why didn’t we have a list of Chuck’s accomplishments in this blog.  None of that matters now because Chuck is history and what he did at N.C. State means nothing.  Let’s move on and get to work creating a new image of N.C. State with positive talk and not the thuggery that your children will remember about Chuck’s players.  Chuck Amato’s teams the most undisciplined in ACC history? YES, and that says it all.  N.C. State needs a new coach, new players, and new fans that understand the meaning of HARD WORK and DISCIPLINE.