College Football Corner:Let’s Hear It for the Boys at WFU

The Demon Deacons, “The Triad’s Team” got it done with the huge win Saturday over Maryland 38-24 and now they face Georgia Tech in the ACC title game this week in Jacksonville.  Georgia Tech looked very beatable in their loss to Georgia and Yellow Jacket QB Reggie Ball did not have a good day versus the Bulldogs and if Ball(no relation to David Ball of riding with Private Malone fame) is not careful he will feel “The Pounce” of Wake Forest in the big championship ball game.

You have to be so proud of WFU and the way they have gone about their business.  Some would say WFU has been lucky to reach 10-2 and to be on their way toward a possible major bowl game in early January.  If Wake has been living on luck, I would like to have some of that kind of luck.  Wake is the kind of team we can all pull for.  Small school, good honest coach, and they have the right attitude.  You don’t see WFU showing off and and trying to make jackasses out of themselves and their university.

We need to band together and become 50% WFU fans and 50% fans for our other team that is either looking for a new coach or starting from scratch after another losing season.  And I say if we’re going to pull for Wake in football we need to lift up their basketball too.  Wake is a Baptist school and they are trying to do the right thing and if you let them they can help you turn your priorities around and the Deacons can get you a new lease on life.  How is that for a good sermon today and I know all of you need it brothers.

In other good news Appalachian State crushed Coastal Carolina and they will face Montana State in round two of the D I-AA playoffs, now called the College Football Championship.

In the news you don’t want to report column, N.C. State fell like a ton of horse manure in the last game of the Chuck Amato era to the up-and-coming East Carolina Pirates.  ECU is back with Holtz-lite running the show and speaking of running the show how about the offensive show with Duke falling to North Carolina 45-44, or was it the “No Defense Bowl”. I feel bad for Bob Harris the “Voice of the Blue Devils”, who had to sit through that 0-12 season.

In the “I think the sports world must be coming to an end department”.  I was at the Guilford College JV vs. Patrick Henry Community College basketball game Monday night at Guilford and one of the PHCC players who wasn’t dressed out but was sitting on the PHCC bench had a cell phone in his hand and was talking on it while the game was going on.  SITTING ON THE BENCH TALKING ON THE CELL PHONE DURING THE GAME.  That kid should have been kicked out of the gym by his coach and forced to find his own way back to Patrick County, Virginia.  I don’t care if the dude had to walk back to ‘ole Virginny, the coach should have kicked him out of the gym and booted him off of the team, CASE CLOSED.  Show some respect for your team and the game and take your stinkin’ cell phone outside.

The Guilford College varsity, led by big Ben Strong, plays Greensboro College tonight(Wednesday) at the Greensboro Coliseum in a local hoops battle, and UNCG destroyed Wofford at Flemming Gym on Monday night.    

2 thoughts on “College Football Corner:Let’s Hear It for the Boys at WFU

  1. Embarrassing to have a player talk on his cell phone………..geez………..did the PHCC coach see this?

  2. Thanks for the comment Randy and I’m not sure if the Patrick Henry coach saw his player talking on the phone or not and some would remark it was only a JV game. Let me tell you this, the Guilford players and the Quaker coaches were approaching this contest on a professional level with all squad members in uniform and the coaches dressed alike in the proper uniform coach-look. If the players and their coaches don’t take the game seriously even at this level then are they ever going to go anywhere in the future except back to Virginia and to the unemployment line in unison? How long before Doss will be the boss at GC?

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