HS Hoops Finds AD in BS

We had a new entry here at greensborosports.com this week with Paul Lambeth jumping into the frying pan, and writing a solid piece that is very timely here in the the “New Coach is coming to town Holiday Season”.  I was at PL’s former High School on Tuesday evening.  The Bob Sawyer Gym was rather warm and man those Grimsley girls were on Fire.

The BS was shaking and the Whirlie girls were baking and boy were they making their shots as the WhirlieGirls opened up a 15-0 lead to start the game against the out-matched Ragsdale Tigers. By halftime the Tigers had got on the board but Grimsley was still in command up 30-17 at the break.  Phil Weaver’s young ladies went on to wrap it up and take the victory 63-38 and GHS moves to 5-0 on the year.

Trumae Lucas and Krystin Fields paced GHS in scoring with 18 and 17 points respectively.  Hargraves, Nicholson, Alston, and Cook also played very well for the Whirlies.  GHS will be hard to beat in the BS this season and for that matter they will be the toughest team to stop anywhere they suit up.  The biggest game of the year so far in 2006/2007 will be tonight(Wednesday) when Grimsley travels to face the Dudley girls who are also unbeaten and the contest gets under way at 7:30 at Dudley.  The girls’ games usually start at 6pm but this major matchup will begin at 7:30 since it will be a Girls Only Night. 

The boys put on a much closer show than the girls at least in the first half.  Ragsdale and Grimsley were dead-locked 21-21 at the halftime, but the Ragsdale Tigers roared back and unloaded on GHS in the second frame and took the game 58-45.  Ragsdale is still perfect at 5-0 but Grimsley could have taken RHS down if the Whirlies did a better job of protecting the basketball.  Too many turnovers and useless fouls and the RHS Tigers were off in transition and running the court and leaving the Whirlies in the wind.

The wildest shot of the year occured when Grimsley’s Kelsey Stevens took the inbounds pass for GHS under the Ragsdale basket and proceeded to score for RHS when he laid it in easily into the Tigers basket.  Stevens scored for the other team.  “OUCH”….. He shot at the wrong basket and HE SCORED…..  The last time I saw that was back in 1981 when Richard Cheek put one into the wrong bucket down in Charlotte.

Keith Manley continues to impress for GHS but he needs to get his game more under control.  Manley was blocking shots right and left in the BS but KM will have to learn to keep his mind in the game and not try swat balls into the stands and end up in foul trouble.  Manley will do Grimsley no good at all if he is sitting on the Whirlie bench.  Marlon Smith and Christian Tonkins had 11 points each for Grimsley, while Johnny McLean was the big man for Ragsdale with 18.

I had the chance to meet Marlon Smith’s dad after the game and MS Sr. is a huge fan and I hope his son has a strong senior season for the GHS Whirlies at the BS(Bob Sawyer Gym) and on the road.  Keep an eye on the Grimsley girls because this might be the year they destroy High Point Central and put an end to coach Kenny Carter’s domination of Guilford County girls hoops.  The WhirlieGirls are the team to beat.

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  1. Greensboro get ready for the game of the week on Dec 12th at the Bob Sawyer Gym as High Point Central take on GRIMSELY WHIRLIES at 7:30 pm get ready for the showdown between two of the most exciting guard in this 2006-07 season
    between Jermaine Armstrong who can shoot those 3’s anywhere and Marlan Smith the Senior Guard for the Whirles. These two players have play on the same AAU team….Marlan Smith is having his best yr so far for the Whirles who are playing good basketball hanging in there…… Lets go Whirles We need a Big game from Keith Manley , Tonkins, Beloved , Marlan and Shields who the Whiles is coach by Darren Corbett……..
    Lets put your war clothes on and go out on the battlefield and come out with a victory….

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