News & Record Coverage of Hockey

Today, the News & Record again posted another story about the return of Ice Hockey to the Greensboro Coliseum.  If they had only done this much reporting when Greensboro had a team; may be it would not have gone.

But then there were other factors:

  • The Coliseum’s redirection of nearly half a million dollars in advertising from the hockey team to the coliseum.
  • The coliseum’s negotiation of a coaching contract with Jeff Brubaker.
  • Price increases of 50% in many areas.
  • Poor media relationships.
  • Failure to leverage hockey base into fan base.

This time, the ownership team bringing hockey to Greensboro is experienced in many areas, much like the original Monarch owners in 1989.  They will not have to rely or accept decisions that may not be in their best interest (but in the best interest of others).

This is a business and it appears as if we have businessmen coming.