WhirlieGirls-Bison Boys:Tuesday Night HS Hoops Report

The Grimsley girls saw their hoops record rise to 8-0 as they ran past High Point Central 70-51 on Tuesday night at the Bob Sawyer Gym on the Whirlie campus.

The Black Bison girls never really had a chance, the WhirlieGirls are just too tough as Phil Weaver’s young ladies had 11 players score led by Kristin Fields and Trumae Lucas.  Fields had 14, Lucas 13, and Nicole Hargraves added 12 for the WhirlieGirls.  HPC was paced by Lauren Beeson with 19 and Allison Spivey with 16.

The difference in the game was turnovers.  The Bison girls were continuously traveling, being called for double dribble, or ending up out- of- bounds along the sidelines.  HPC must have turned the ball over 25 times on the night.  Give much of the credit to the WhirlieGirls’ defense and while you’re at it give credit to the Grimsley offense for the way they moved the ball to the open spots against the Bison pressure.

The question is, “How in the World can Grimsley not be the #1 seed for the Girls Little Four Tournament?”  Grimsley just beat Dudley last Wednesday and Dudley got the #1 seed and Grimsley ended up as #2.  The WhirlieGirls are still the team to beat.  Other winners on the girls side of things Tuesday included Page, Northwest, Dudley, Northeast, Ragsdale, Southeast, and Southwest.  Page is 7-0, NWG 6-1, and Dudley 4-1.

The Bison boys went through Grimsley like a dose of the salts.  High Point Central salted away the win out-scoring Grimsley 22-9 in the first quarter and then 29-9 in the third quarter.  HPC plays a numbers game where Coach K. runs players in and out of of his lineup faster than you can say, “Andy Durham for the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame.”

HPC had 14 players score and they only dress 16.  Jermaine Armstrong can shoot and hit from anywhere on the court and he is especially strong from behind the 3 point line.  What really did in the Whirlies was Rebounding.  HPC out-rebounded GHS by a 4-1 margin.  It did’t matter who the Bison had in the game along the blocks down low, they were getting second and third shots all night long.  Applewhite, Blazeck, Frye, Moore, it was HPC shutting out GHS on the boards.

Jermaine Armstrong led the Bison in scoring with 24 while senior Marlon Smith Jr. was the top Whirlie with 12.  HPC had balanced scoring coming off breakaways created by Grimsley trunovers and the Whirlies looked intimidated by the Power of HPC.

There was a good crowd at the game and I saw Don Corbett the legendary NC A&T coach whose son Darren coaches the Whirlies.  DC the father was at the game with his wife and we also met Marlon Smith Sr. who was very intense watching his young son battling the Bison.  Kenny O’Fallon was in attendance with his young son Seth, as was Tony Nusdeo whose son Anthony plays for HPC and is currently wearing a big brace on his knee, Tom Shalley from the Greensboro Parks and Recreation was at GHS, as was Brian Gulaski the hoops coach from Greensboro College.  Good crowd, good game, tough loss for GHS and another big win for HPC.

Other boys winners Tuesday included Eastern Guilford, Ragsdale, Southwest Guilford, and Northeast Guilford.  NEG topped WG 57-44 and Mezie Uzochukwu had 20 points and 11 boards for NEG, running the Rams record to a perfect 7-0. 

3 thoughts on “WhirlieGirls-Bison Boys:Tuesday Night HS Hoops Report

  1. Hats goes off to the Bisons who had a good game plan against Grimsley on last night in the Bob Sawyer gym….. The Bisons is well coached by Coach K..
    They put a lot of pressure on the Whirlies players in which it created a lot of turnovers…. The Bisons can rebound and hustle as well and that was the outcome along with Jermaine Armstong who had a strong game with 24 pts in the victory and he was shooting all over the court last night……
    Marlan Smith ended up with 12 pts and he needed more help from his teammates ….. So they next game will be on Friday night against Northwest Guilford at NW…..
    Hats goes off to the Whirlies girls who played a outstanding game like always….
    I just wanted to take the time to commend Andy Durham who always does a great job… Keep it up Andy..
    Guess who this is?
    Hint::::::::::::::: we sat next to each other….. Oh yes easy guess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. Smith, good to see you are weighing in at greensborosports.com. Tell the kids at Grimsley both boys and girls about the website and encourage them to read the articles and to make comments about the games. This site is not only a sports site but an educational tool as well. It will be good when the student-athletes start coming to this board and making comments and talking about high school sports on a local level. So many kids today want to get into sports-related occupations after they get out of school and this is where they can get the jump- start. Many of today’s young people want to be ESPN Superstars but they should get their feet wet here at what I call GSPN at greensborosports.com. We are the GSPN(Greensboro Sports Network) and this site is like a local newspaper in that we cover the local with local people that know the territory. Tell every kid you know to get on this site and to talk about the local sports-related issues. We need Will and Taylor Johnson to lay it out about the Culler University English soccer teams and for other kids to get on the band wagon as well. Tell the adults we need them too. If you are a parent does it interest you at all that your child is having his or her name tossed around on the World Wide Web? Hollar if You hear me as Scott Steiner would say and Big Poppa Pump has nothing on us at greensborosports.com because if he comes over here, Steiner is going down in hurry, and that inlcudes Rick and Charlie Steiner too.

  3. Andy i will make sure i get the news out … i think it is a very good site…… I have told my son about it….. and i will make sure he tell his friends about it…

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