Andy Durham encourages NFL “N” Siders

Hang in there guys the season’s almost over and you are still trying to finish above .500……. This is not Golf, the low scores are not winners.  Ask your wives or girlfriends to pick some games and maybe your overall averages will improve.  Everybody knows women don’t know anything about football.  What ever happened to Phyllis George and Jane Kennedy?  Did Suzy Kolber run off with Joe Namath?  Last week M. Brown was 7-8, Bobby L. 6-9, and Big Jim fell to 5-10.

Pick ’em and Weep:This weeks Gems from Big Jim at the Fitness Today Gym….BUFFALO over Miami, N.Y. JETS over Minn., GREEN BAY past Detroit, CHICAGO beats Tampa Bay, JACKSONVILLE over Tenn., BALTIMORE bumps Cleveland, NEW ORLEANS wins over Washington, NEW ENGLAND beats Houston, PITTSBURGH over Carolina, DENVER races past Arizona, N.Y. GIANTS over Philly, ST. LOUIS stops Oakland, KC tops San Diego, Monday Night:CINNCY over Indy…….. 

3 thoughts on “Andy Durham encourages NFL “N” Siders

  1. Hey, we are tired of pulling all the weight around here AD AD! Thats Athletic Director Andy Durham, its time you get out there and make some picks! Lets see what you are made of! Anyway, I guess I have to defend my title even if I was below .500 so here it goes… Buf, Min, G.B, Chic, Jac, Bal, N.O, N.E, Car, Ari, NYG, Stl, S.D, Ind 43-20

  2. Buffalo, Jets, Green Bay, Chicago, Tenn., Baltimore, New Orleans, New England, Pittsburgh, Denver, Giants, Rams, San Diego, Indy…. My grandma’s cousin’s aunt’s uncle’s dishwasher helped on these picks. She says GO Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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