Guilford Great Eight Hoops Polls

Last night we saw the Page girls lose for the first time this season falling to Northeast Guilford  51-43 and the Page boys returned the favor knockng off  previously unbeaten NEG 56-52.  The new NEG gym looks great and I like to call it the John Primm Gym.  Mercedes King led the NEG girls to victory with 22, while Cecile Nettles and JT Stevens chipped in 16 and 11.  Brandon Harris and Josh Garrett led the Pirate boys to their win.

               Guilford Great Eight Boys Basketball Poll

#1) Greensboro Day School(The Bengals 9-1 lost for the first time on Wednesday night to GW Danville 71-67)

#2) Dudley(The Panthers lost on Tuesday to Oak Hill and then turned around and beat Smith Wednesday night 62-42 and now stand at 6-1 entering next week’s Little Four Tournament.  GDS beat Dudley last time and Dudley beat High Point Central earlier so that leads to our 1-2-3 in the best basketball poll in North Carolina)

#3) High Point Central(The Bison are on the road to Miami and with all the problems the Guilford County Schools are having with finances after the Eastern Guilford fire and other setbacks it makes you wonder how can our school system afford this type of trip?(If the school system is not paying for it, where is the money coming from?) may need to call in Jerry Bledsoe and John Hammer to check into these irregularities.  How can HPC and the Guilford County Schools afford this kind of trip to Miami for Christmas when the Eastern Guilford students are eating Christmas dinners off of the back of a Pickup Truck?  The Black Bison are a talented crew and are now 6-1 after Tuesday’s 69-40 win over Northwest)

#4) Northeast Guilford(The Rams fell for the very first time this year when Page sent them down on Wednesday.  NEG at 9-1 beat Eastern last Friday at UNCG.  NEG will play Page in round one of the Little Four next week at the Coliseum and the stakes will be much higher in the rematch. This promises to be much better than Rocky Balboa XXXXX)

#5) Ragsdale(The Tigers continue to go about their business and have put together a solid start and should give unbeaten Trinity a run for their money when the Tigers{8-1} and the Bulldogs get together)

#6) Smith(The Eagles stopped North Forsyth 70-69 in OT Tuesday and then led Dudley 13-9 after one quarter on Wednesday before falling to the Panthers 62-42.  The Eagles are 4-5)

#7) High Point Andrews(The Raiders have had to play without the services of Marcus Gilchrist who was away during the Gilchristmas Holidays for the Shrine Bowl in Charlotte, but they should be ready to challenge when MG gets back into full gear)

#8)TIE Grimsley/Page(The Whirles are 4-5 after beating East Forsyth on Tuesday with M. Smith, Manley, Beloved, Dupont, and Leonard all hitting for double-digits and Page hits the Poll for the first time this season after taking Smith 49-47 and NEG 56-52 to go to 3-5 after starting out 0-4)

(The other boys teams go SWG, NWG, WG, SEG, EG, HPW, SG)

              Girls Great Eight Poll

#1) Grimsley(The WhirlieGirls are the only unbeaten team we have left in Guilford County. At 9-0 after Tuesday’s 59-34 win over East Forsyth the WhirlieGirls will face NEG in round one of the Little Four next week at the GB Coliseum. This will pair the #2 seed vs. the #7 seed, go figure)

#2) Dudley(The Panthers are moving along at 7-1 after beating Smith 68-54 on Wednesday.  DHS was only up by 5 at the half but out-scored SHS 15-5 in the 3rd to grab the win and now they prepare to defend their title at the Little Four next week)

#3)TIE Page/Northeast(The Rams beat the Pirates on Wednesday to put Page at 8-1 and NEG improves to 8-2 with the only NEG losses coming to Grimsley and Page and NEG has beaten NWG and SWG and Page now must rebound for the LF Tourney next week)

#5)Northwest(The Vikings only losses are to Grimsley and NEG and at 8-2 after Wednesday’s 41-29 win over SWG, NWG could be ready to make a move.  The Vikings led Grimsley by 15 at the half last Friday but they couldn’t hold off the WhirlieGirls in the second frame.  Will they meet again in the Little Four?  Stay Tuned)

#6) Ragsdale(The Tigers have only dropped two games and we may need to get our Jamestown News reporter David “Ogi” Overman to send us more detiled news on these Cats)

#7) High Point Central(The Bison have lost their license to kill and Coach Carter needs to re-launch his Plan B with HPC at 3-5 after NWG topped Central 68-60, and KC will see teams like Page and Grimsley showing up on the HPC schedule soon)

#8) Southwest(The Cowgirls fell to NWG but they are still worthy of Great Eight recognition.  SWG actually led NWG 8-7 after one quarter before the Vikings took off and left the Cowgirls in the barn)

(The other girls teams line up SEG, Smith, HPA, EG, SG, GDS, HPW, WG)   College Hoops Tonight(Thursday) St.Peters at UNCG and John Carroll at Greensboro College…..UNCG men start at 7:00 and Greensboro College at 7:30…..  ACC winners this week include the Heels, Duke, Wake, while N.C. State lost again and Appalachian beat the Virginia Cavaliers(Appalachian features Jeremy Clayton of Smith HS and Kellen Brand of High Point Andrews) Lynn Bright has been red-hot for Greesnboro College with 26 points and 16 boards in the Pride’s 69-65 win over Fisk.  The Pride stands at 6-1 and Guilford College is 7-0.

10 thoughts on “Guilford Great Eight Hoops Polls

  1. After all the dust settled I just knew the Grimsley girls would be the only unbeaten team left. They are awesome and they can’t be stopped, just ask the teams they’ve left laying out by the road. I knew something rotten was going on in High Point and I’m glad somebody finally had the guts to tell the story. All I know is at High Point Central if it looks like a skunk, there probably is a skunk running around over there at Central. The money is coming in under the table and Terry Grier needs to look into this. This site ROCKS and I have my students at UNCG reading it every day. Happy Holidays to all of you that are playing by the rules.

  2. Jane, I see what you have written here and I think maybe you have gone a bit too far with this. There’s no need to go overboard on these issues. hopes EVERYONE has a safe and happy holiday season. Andy………………………

  3. Hey, it’s good to see some stir here at the web site. I’m a big Grimsley boys basektball fan(GHS class of ’62) but I’ll pull for High Point Central if they are representing us outside the County. High Point Central is innocent until proven guilty, just ask Judge Stuart Albright, a Whirlie we are very proud of.

  4. Both teams in front of Central lose and you keep them in 3rd place, if you ever need a job I am sure you can get one with the BCS football poll your pole makes about as much sense as there poll does, when our team gets back from the grueling trip to MIAMI we may need to check your voting machine.

  5. The trip HPC is on was funded entirely by the boys basketball program and was approved by the County. Not one cent came from the county or the school. The boys basketball program paid for the trip by itself. Get your facts straight before you mislead everyone. Maybe if some other area coaches were as organized as Coach K. they could go to Miami too. Don’t bash HPC because Coach K. gave them an opportunity that they remember for the rest of their lives.

  6. Thank-you for the update, I knew we would get to the bottom of this some how. I’ve always said we need to throw some gas on the fire and then people will respond and clear the smoke so we can see the trees and then we can find out what caused the blaze to begin with. Coach K and staff are sharpe dressers so there must be plenty of funds to go around and if that is the case then more power to them but what about us poor people out here?

  7. I saw the kid from High Point Central in today’s paper. Central is good team and a good bunch of kids but I still think Greensboro Day would whip ’em. I heard the Central AD was afraid to play Day School because Coach Johnson had their number and Central just can’t beat Day and I read here on this website that Dudley beat Central earlier in the season.

  8. Frank, thanks for the post on High Point Central in the Friday News and Record. I just went over there and checked it out. Good job HPC, very solid work by the young man Chris Applegate. These guys got some well-deserved recognition. I can’t add a link here in the comment box but it goes and go to the sports section and you should get it unless that piece is considered an ad paid for by Flow Motors. The area’s top tournament the Pizza Hut Little Four is coming up next week. will have all the details. Again, Happy Holidays to all and let’s not forget Ray Jones who left us a few years back for that big shopping mall in the sky.

  9. I’m sticking with the Greensboro Day School boys and the Grimsley girls. Dudley may have something to say about all of this on both the boys and girls sides, but I will stick with GDS and GHS to take it. Happy Holidays to the Marlan Smith family and to the Johnsons in High Point.

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