Is the Playing Field Level?/Thoughts on 790 the Ball

We have a lot to talk about as we get into the New Year.  The big discussion in the comment box has been Greensboro Day School’s recent first place finish at the Little Four basketball tournament.

Is the Playing Field Level or does Greensboro Day School have a distinct advantage over the other schools they are beating each year to win the Little Four title and the state independent championships?  The rub agaisnt GDS over the years is that they recruit players to come and suit up for them and become Bengals and thus the players have abandoned their required educational institutions to go play for someone else.  The beef has been Josh Lanham lives in the Western Guilford district, what’s he doing playing at Greensboro Day?

How did Wayne Robinson end up at Greensboro Day School?  Wayne later played for Virginia Tech and the LA Lakers.  Thomas Roberts was the next big name to show up at GDS and he led the Bengals to their first-ever Little Four championship and it was an overtime victory over Dudley back in the late 80’s/early 90’s and the roof almost came off the Coliseum.  What’s a private school like Greensboro Day doing coming into our tournament and stealing our trophies?  That was the word from all the old-school members who did not want GDS to be in the tournament.

In-between Robinson and Roberts, Day School had Todd Lineberry who held the single game scoring mark at GDS for several years and later played some college ball at UVA.  Lineberry got cut from the team at Grimsley but he got his chance at Greensboro Day.

Justin Gainey came to Greensboro Day from High Point Andrews and later played for Herb Sendek at N.C. State.  Aaron McMillian, whose dad Jim played for the Buffalo Braves and the LA Lakers, came to Greensboro Day from Western Guilford.  Remember Dee Fuller, he came to Greensboro Day from Ragsdale and never did much of anything because of injuries.  Johnny Thomas has now come to Greensboro Day from the eastern part of the state.

The kids come to GDS because they receive excellent coaching.  Freddy Johnson does not have to go out and recruit these kids they come to him and want to be a part of the GDS program.  Is the Playing Field Level?  Why can’t the coaches keep their players at the Guilford County Schools?

I have always believed that if you are doing a good job with your kids they will never want to go elsewhere.  You have to sell yourself and your program to your players at the start of every season, every day in practice, and in the off-season as well.

Players do move around from school to school and now the thoughts about the un-even playing field have turned to the use of fifth-year high school players.  Private schools don’t have specific rules prohibiting a player from receiving an extra year of eligibility.  Jason Capel started games for GDS as an 8th grader.  The first player that I remember using the 5th year at GDS was Julian London who went on to play for the Citadel.

I would have to do some major research to uncover all the players that have used the extra year and turned four years of high school into five.  This makes the setting more like a prep school and it also makes some fans of the opposing teams very mad.  There might be players using this for athletic reasons but many are in it to shore up the academics as well.

How many current Bengals are in their fifth year of high school?  I will need to do some checking and get back with you on that one.  This is a very deep subject and sets off some very touchy reactions.  I plan on interviewing Johnny Thomas for the web site very soon and hopefully I will have some key answers for you.  Some of us talk out of school, so I want to get some concrete information.

If Greensboro Day School played a regular schedule against the Guilford County teams the Bengals would wear out the other schools on a steady basis.  In Guilford County you have two or three teams at the top and the rest are way behind.  This year it’s GDS, Dudley, and High Point Central.  NEG has Mezie Uzochukwu but no proven supporting cast.  Year-in, year-out Day School would own the county.

Is GDS’ superiority because of fifth-year players?  I still think it is because of the coaching.  Is the Playing Field Level?  If the Playing Field is not Level it is because the other coaches aren’t working hard enough.  I promise you, I will continue looking into the use of fifth-year players at GDS.  This is not a subject that I can spout off about, without making sure I get all my facts and details straight first.

What are your thoughts on 790 the Ball dropping the local programming?  The Bill Kimm Show is gone and Bill Rosinski hit the air this morning(Tuesday) at 10am.  Noel Glasgow of News 2 would have been a solid man to keep around but it would appear that 790 is not willing to pay the piper.  The Ball would get Rosinski for free and therefore cut the fat in two places if they were paying BK and NG.  The key to 790’s success is they have to get on the street and SELL.  Bill Kimm should have been forced to be part of the Sales Staff.  All of their guys on the air staff should be on the street when they are not on air.

The key no matter who you have behind the microphone is all hands on deck.  You have to hit the street and develop partnerships with clients that will stick with you.  The shows may be great and everyone might be having loads of fun but the deal is not done until you have the checks.  No one is going to walk into your station and start buying Commercials.  You have to beat the street.

Drew Davis is still around and he does good work but the only way to guarantee that Double D will have a job is if the sales come rolling in.  DD should hit the street.  Bradford Hines needs to pound the pavement, Bryan McKay, the New Guy ought to be going door-to-door.  If Bill Kimm and Noel Glasgow were a package deal they should have been putting sales packages into perspective clients hands at least 5-10 times per day.  How bad do you want it?

Will the syndicated/network programming be the answer/solution for 790 the Ball?  There is a book with the answers in it and it is called the Daily Sales Book.  How many new sales and how many renewals did we get today?  Sirius and XM satellite radio are tracking these sales numbers and the day might come, if you want Sports Talk Radio you’ll have to get Serious(Sirius or XM to be exact).

The PLACE to get local sports every day is GREENSBOROSPORTS.COM…………………………………….