Loose Lips Sink Ships-Loose Footballs Sink Seasons and SEC Officials Don’t Help

From last night Louisville ended Wake Forest’s fun 24-13, N.C. State got past UNCG in OT 95-93, Duke toppled Temple 73-55 and the state of North Carolina’s ONLY UNBEATEN college basketball team, the Guilford College Quakers knocked off previously unbeaten Averett up in Danville, VA 74-69.

The Wake Forest Demon Deacons put the ball on the ground way too many times in the loss to Louisville, but was it just me or did it look like Wake was able to recover the ball at least twice and the officials after review, gave the football to Louisville?

On the first BIG review the Wake runningback’s knee was down.  Every time the SEC officiating crew sent the play up to the booth the guy upstairs agreed with the calll on the field.  The guy in the booth didn’t have the guts to make a call so he just went with the SEC offcials’ calls from the field.

They were wasting the fans time sending the reviews to the booth.  Last night’s SEC crew made some of the worst calls I have ever witnessed.  The game announcers, Pat Haden and Terry Donahue said the ball should still belong to Wake and the play late in the first half where the runner’s knee was down, on that drive Wake could have come away with 7 points and the lead at halftime.

The only point that I am trying to make here is that those SEC officials were terrible.  They were a joke and not to take anything away from the Louisville or Wake Forest efforts, but I was thinking that the Orange Bowl was a big-time BCS Bowl and why would the Bowl organizers bring in some incompotent SEC officials?

Louisville fumbled the ball early in the second half and the SEC jokers gave the ball right back to the Cardinals, very few questions asked and the ball obviously should have gone to the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest.

Late in the game with the contest still hanging in the balance, the Louisville Cardinal runningback clearly did not cross the goal line and the SEC officials signaled Touchdown, no question asked.  You could not see the ball go over the white line.  The TV announcers(Haden and Donahue) acted like they couldn’t believe some of the wacky SEC calls and Wake did not get a break all night long.

It was like the SEC officials were a jury and they had been reading all the newspaper stories about Louisville and how the Cardinals were supposed to kill “Little Wake Forest”, and the SEC officials had already made their minds up that Louisville was going to WIN the Orange Bowl, no matter what happened in the game.

You may argue that the SEC crew did send the plays to the booth upstairs for review.  The guy in the booth was from 98.7 Simon, and Simon said YES to everything the SEC guys on the field were calling.  It might have been the Kentucky whiskey that Louisville brought the officials or maybe it was way too much Orange Bowl Juice and Vodka. 

Wake couldn’t catch a break and that’s a shame when all had gone so well leading up to the official SEC invasion.

If UNCG would have had 2 more possesions they would have beaten N.C. State in Raleigh.  The Spartans were trading 2’s for 3′ and with two cracks at the basket UNCG would have at least tied the game at 99 all and won it in Double OT, that’s if  Kendall Toney and Ricky Hickman could have kept up their torrid shooting for UNCG.  Great effort by UNCG and I’m a Wolfpack fan but the Spartans should have won this game in regulation.

Guilford College is now 9-0 after the win over Averett up in Danville, with Big Ben Strong knocking in 19 points and grabbing 12 rebounds.  Jordan Snipes led the Quakers with 22.  Next up for Guilford is Randolph-Macon, Saturday at 2pm in Ashland, VA.      

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  1. Would you like some cheese with all the “wineing”you are doing, the only reason WF was there in the first place is because the ACC is so weak, WF would finish about 6th or 7th in the SEC, GO UF.

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