The Cupboard is never Bare at Allen Middle School

Don’t feel sorry for the Dudley Panthers who have seniors Josh Chavis and Kenny Belton leading their charges for a third straight State 3-A basketball title.  Dudley will lose both Belton and Chavis at the end of this season but from what coach Calvin Hunt was telling me Saturday night Allen Middle will keep feeding Dudley with some strong future prospects.

Current Panther Brandon Pennix came out of the Allen Middle School pipeline as did many of the other Panthers on the 2006/2007 roster.

Calvin Hunt coached the boys at Southeast Guilford and then was the girls coach at Smith and now he is the girls junior varsity coach at Dudley.  Coach Hunt said that Allen Middle School has 6’3 Reggie Dilliard getting ready for Dudley and there is a 6’5 kid that is even better than Dillard.

Coach Hunt’s son is on the Allen Middle School team and though Sam Hunt is small at about 5’5 he is a pretty mean point guard.  Sam Hunt also won the Little Four halftime free throw shooting contest for the third year in a row at the Coliseum back in December.  The Cupboard is not Bare at Allen Middle School and Dudley should be in good shape for years to come.