Moose, Goose, and the Deuce

Moose, Goose, and the Deuce.  Never has there been a better lineup for an NFL game.  Daryl “Moose” Johnston, Tony “Goose” Siragusa, and “The Deuce”, Deuce McAllister.  Moose, the former Dallas Cowboy, Goose, the former Colt and Raven, and Deuce, the current New Orleans Saint.

You have to love the Saints and you need to get behind their cause as they head to Chicago this weekend for the NFC championship game.  The Saints led by Deuce McAllister and his two touchdowns and 143 yards rushing are this year’s dream team to win the Super Bowl.  McAllister and Reggie Bush are a perfect fit for the Saints and what can you say about the job Drew Brees has done since coming over from the San Diego Chargers?

The Saints took care of the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night and we had the Moose and the Goose on commentary for Fox TV and on the field the Deuce was scoring a touchdown with his Saint offensive linemen trying to push him over the goal line while his helmet was coming off.  The effort was unbelievable and the Saints will no longer be called the ‘Aints or the ‘Caints if they can knock off Chicago and move on to the Super Bowl.  All brought to you by Moose, Goose, and the Deuce.