Audio Interview – GDS’s Johnny Thomas

Andy Durham was able to grab this interview with Greensboro Day School‘s Johnny Thomas.  A Senior Basketball player, already headed to NC State this fall.

Audio Interview – 30 Minutes

3 thoughts on “Audio Interview – GDS’s Johnny Thomas

  1. Good interview with 5th year senior Johhny Thomas if his basketball career does not work out he should go into politics after some of the answers he gave about how he got to GDS, I am sure Coach Johnson and Bob Smith have never met each other before.

  2. Why to ask the hard questions Andy. Johnny must have met with Freddy and got some of the best coaching of his career before that interview. Why didn’t you ask him what it was like being a college freshman still playing high school ball?

  3. Let’s all support Greensboro Day School and their star player Johnny Thomas.
    At least this kid is trying to get an education. Too many of today’s kids are quitting school and they end up with a GED hanging on the garage wall at
    their momma’s gas station. Give the kid some credit while he tries to improve
    his sports and studies. Get off his back and go out do something positive with
    with your own self.

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