Super Cinema III (part 3 of 3)

Since today the weather has turned sloppy it’s a good day to curl up in front of the fire and reminiscent on some more of those classic Super Sunday’s. Again ratings are on a five star scale.


XIII. Steelers v. Cowboys: In what was perhaps the wildest Super Bowl the Steelers survived 35-31. And NFL films put together another true classic recap that not only has stood the test of time, who’s images are the staples people remember about the Steelers dynasty. Musically diverse with just the right amount of sound from the benches and radio play by play it is another near perfect presentation. 5 stars


XIV: Steelers v. Rams: The first SB of the 80’s was another classic presentation who’s final score of 31-19 does not indicate how competitive this game was as the lead switched hands seven times. Also this is perhaps one of the most poetic editions of the Facenda era as this serves as not only a homage to the Lynn Swan song of the Steelers dynasty but also to a Rams team which romantically rode a crest of emotion after years of falling short. 4 ½ stars


XV: Raiders v. Eagles: Amid the backdrop of a Superdome who’s outside was draped with a yellow ribbon tied around it to symbolize the Iran hostages return Oakland outclassed the Eagles to become the first wild card to win the Super Bowl. Musically it is overly reliant on synthesizer pieces, which makes this edition come off as a little dated. Also this is the first edition that in my opinion that is overly reliant on sound from the sidelines and radio broadcast as the writing lacks some of the punch of earlier editions. Though not nearly as annoying or cloying as today it definitely makes this one of the softest recaps of the classic NFL era. 3 ½ stars


XVI. 49ers v. Bengal’s: Similar in style to the edition from the year before but without quite as much exterior sound and more inspired writing. Again the synthesizer based pieces date to the era, but the selections are more musically solid than the year before. Cinematically a little dark it makes for a unique texture and for a very solid and satisfying viewing experience. 4 stars

XVII: Redskins v. Dolphins: Ok being a lifelong Skins fan I am a little biased when it comes to this edition. But less reliance on synthesizer pieces, an interesting day/night cinematic dynamic, excellent use of sideline sound and perfect placement of Sonny, Sam & Frank make this the last great SB highlight film. 4 ½ stars


XVIII: Raiders v. Redskins: The final film of the Facenda era serves as an interesting footnote to the two decades of dominance that Al Davis and the Raiduh’s put together. Again I have a little bias here as the memories of Jack Squirek still haunt me. But this is without a doubt the weakest recap of the era and is a great example NFL films ‘jumping the shark’. Musically almost atonal the selections lack the emotional resolve of the past and this is the point where Al Davis goes from being seen as a dangerous maverick as to being a caricature blowhard, the Raiders have never been the same since, neither has NFL films. 2 stars