News2’s Noel Glasgow – The Interview

WFMY‘s Noel Glasgow is Andy’s latest interview (42 minutes).  They cover a variety of topics.

2 thoughts on “News2’s Noel Glasgow – The Interview

  1. Another great interview by the “D-man.” It was interesting to hear Noel Glasgow’s take on the new 790theball lineup. Unfortunately I don’t share in his sentiments. I think that listening to Bill Rozinski interview Joe Namath and Mike Ditka is infinitely more interesting than hearing Bill Kimm blabber about American Idol or complain incessantly about ACC practice schedules. I think the new lineup reflects a more professional approach — and not just in the coverage, but in the show itself. To me, 790 is better than ever, and let’s hope the station is here to stay.

  2. Good interview, I was wondering what was going on over at 790 since Bill Kimm left the station. They should have kept Noel Glasgow on staff to run the local show. We don’t have a local show now since Bill went to NASCAR.COM.

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