Greensboro Hockey Update

The ECHL Winter Meetings went without awarding Greensboro an ECHL franchise; but, it’s not over yet:

City Councilperson Sandy Carmany reports: The possibility of an ECHL ice hockey team in the Coliseum for the coming season is not out of the question yet. The potential owner is still exploring options to purchase and place a team here. Matt Brown considers April 1 as the “drop dead” date to have enough time to market the team adequately and sell sponsorships, season tickets, etc. Dates are still being reserved on the Coliseum’s schedule just in case things do work out. Keep your fingers crossed! (Full post here.)
John Hammer of the  Rhino Times has been promised he could drive the Zamboni if he get a team here. Full Quote: I saw Coliseum Manager Matt Brown this week and made a deal with him, but I need some help to fulfill my part of the bargain. Matt said that if I recruited a hockey team for the Coliseum I could drive the Zamboni. So all I need is a little help recruiting a hockey team. If anyone knows of a hockey team in search of a home, please give me a call because I’ve already ordered a Zamboni simulator for my computer and plan to get my Zamboni certification on line. (Online here.)

There are several others who have not given up; but Matt Brown is correct.  Anything after April 1 would be considered a training year or waste of money.