The Basketball Beat:Duke-North Carolina still the Best Game in town

There were some crazy goings on in college basketball over the weekend with both Duke and North Carolina losing during the two day stretch.  NC State held off UNC on Saturday and Duke fell hard to Florida State on Sunday.  The game between the Tar Heels and Blue Devils due up on Wednesday will still be the best game in town.  The only difference is that this time around it won’t be the only game in town.

The rest of the ACC is starting to to play shake up ball and the other guys have started to put a little scare into the Devils and the Heels.  Virginia put the mo-jo on Duke up in Charlottesville and like we said up top, the Wolfpack put a halt to the Carolina winning ways in Raleigh.

The game this Wednesday will still be the Game of the Year until the same two teams meet later on in Chapel Hill.  I’m looking forward to watching the cream of the corp and also watching to see if the cream will rise to the top when they toss it up in Durham.  It’s way too soon to say these squads are in any trouble.  Jay Bilas said on ESPN this week that Duke and North Carolina will always be the game the fans will watch no matter what and Jay said this is what it’s all about in college basketball, Duke vs. North Carolina.

In local high school hoops Dudley got Northeast Guiford twice at Dudley on Friday night winning the boys game 70-69 and taking the girls contest 54-48.  I got a feeling we will see these teams going at it again in the conference finals coming up in about 2 weeks.  Greensboro Day defeated their arch-rival High Point Wesleyan on Friday night with ease and coach Freddy Johnson was able to use his bench and let his reserves get some big minutes.

If I had to pick an All-County high school team it would be Josh Chavis and Kenny Belton of Dudley, Jermaine Armstrong of High Point Central, Johnny Thomas of Greensboro Day, and Mezie Uzochukwu of Northeast Guilford.  These are the top five and with Chavis and Armstrong at guard, Uzochukwu and Thomas at forward and Belton at center you have a solid group.  I can’t even begin to pick a second five but that first group is rock solid and I don’t know who can argue with those boys.

By the wasy, Mike Drum of Wake Forest did a super job for the Deacons in their comeback attempt against Maryland on Saturday night.  The North Forsyth product hit for 16 second half points and that was his total for the contest.  Just think what might have happened if Coach Prosser would have played Mike in the first half.  Kevin Swinton can help the Demon Deacons too if Skip would only let him play.  I spoke with a former high school basketball official at church(Pleasant Garden Methodist) on Sunday morning and Mr. Don Venable the hoops official says he agrees with what I’ve been saying about Swinton.

With only the un-official results in it looks like Mary V. will be the winner of our Super Bowl contest.  The score was Indianapolis Colts 29-17 over the Chicago Bears and Mary had it 27-17 Colts.  That appears to be closest to the correct score out of all our entries and Mary would be the winner of the gift certificate from Outback Steakhouse.  I believe Mary’s husband is a football coach and that she may have a future pro player in her household if the building process continues on course.  Congrats to Mary and we will check all the scores again to make sure there are no disputes. We don’t anticipate any problems.

Yes, I did notice one score that was 31-17 and it was within the 2 point margin as was our winner at 27-17.  The 31-17 had gone over the game score of 29-17 and that makes the 27-17 our official winner.  If we have a good arguement from the person or persons involved with the 31-17 score then we may have to come up with a second place prize or you may have to get a good lawyer and we suggest, Attorney Mike Barber whose offices are located on West Market Street in beautiful downtown Greensboro.   

6 thoughts on “The Basketball Beat:Duke-North Carolina still the Best Game in town

  1. If you do not declare BOTH of these WINNERS I never want to hear you complaining about 790 THE BALL contest , at least there if you win a cap,t-shirt,or mug you get your prize, if I was Mary V I would never be able to use that gift certificate knowing that I did not win the contest outright, I need to see a copy of the contest rules before I get in touch with my attorney that could save all of us a lot of time.

  2. Transplant you may have a good point. Maybe the Duke-Carolina game should be called the biggest game in town and not the best game in town. Wednesday night will be huge for all basketball fans even if they don’t pull for the blues and white.

  3. Hey Andy, whatever you think is fair. I’ll probably hand over half of my steak to that huge OL son of ours, anyway. A meal like this would really help add a couple more pounds before the combines this spring…just think of it as another step in the “building process” towards a great football career!

  4. Mary is a good sport and we should all learn from her code of conduct. I learned from a big former University of Virginia lineman Norris Dyerly(6’6 345) at the Village Motors up in Forrest, VA, that the Over always gets thrown out and that’s what we had to do to Mr. Johnson. Norris can usually still be found from sun-up, till sun-down at the Waffle House in Salem, Virginia. From what we hear Big Norris still likes to tie on the feed-bag.

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