Duke-North Carolina Tonight:What’s your prediction?/Other hoops ramblings

North Carolina goes over to Durham tonight to face the Duke Blue Devils in another key ACC matchup.  Wait a dog-gone minute this game is more than just another Tobacco Road Hayride. This is the real Hey Wagon.  Duke has to win this game or their season is over. Hey it’s time for the Blue Devils to wake up and face the charges.  They are guilty of lackluster play this year.

Duke comes in at 18-5 overall and 5-4 in ACC play.  The Heels ranked 5th in the nation stand at 20-3 in all games and go 6-2 in the conference.  Maybe it’s time for Coach K to go crazy and break a few chairs or tables before he goes off the deep end.  The Heels appear to have more talent than Duke but will the new talent perform up to Ram-like standards in their first trip to Cameron.

What’s your prediction?  Pick the winner and come up with the exact score of the game and we’re talking about a CASH PRIZE. You must get the winner and the EXACT SCORE to be the BIG WINNER.  Have your picks in by game time, that’s 9pm tonight(Wednesday).

I’ll take North Carolina 85-80……… My second pick would be Duke 80-75, but you have to go with the first thought that comes into your head and that is Carolina winning over Duke.  GET THOSE PICKS IN BEFORE 9pm Tonight……………..

Tuesday night was Senior Night over at Grimsley and the WhirlieGirls got the win over North Forsyth 70-21 and they will stay #1 in our Guilford Great Eight Poll.  The Grimsley boys had problems rebounding against the Vikings of North Forsyth and NF was hitting every free throw in sight.  The WhirlieGirls are now 23-1 and finish as the Metro 4-A Conference regular season champs for the second year in a row with a perfect 12-0 conference mark.  I beleive the Grimsley boys are now 11-11 overall.  Someone correct me if I am wrong.  We can use the help.

Got word from a key source in High Point that the High Point Central girls knocked off Page 52-51 Tuesday night.  That was a big upset and now Page could be falling from the #2 spot in our girls poll that comes out on Thursday.  The Page-HPC score was not in the Tuesday edition of the News and Record.  The boys score was in the N&R, HPC over Page 77-56.

I saw some important people while making the rounds at Grimsley on Tuesday night.  The Smith family was there to support their son Marlan, The Neumans were there to support their daughter Roxanne(Howard Neuman is a tough District Attorney in the Guilford County Court system, I mean this guy never smiles in court but he does have a big grin on his face at the ball games), The Al Ruggerio family was there to support their daughter Brianna, a senior cheerleader, and Glenn Morris a former East Carolina linebacker and Western Guilford grad was at the game watching his “SON” John, also a senior cheerleader(John was a starting runningback on the Grimsley football team), Big Ben Derrick of Fitness Today in the Quaker Village was in attendance with associate Rick Carter and the entire Schaefer family was on hand, all supporting Brittany Schaefer a senior on the girls basketball team.  Many families gathered together to offer up their support on Senior Night at the Bob Sawyer Gym.

After the game I made my way down to George’s Pizza on Randleman Road and had a quick word with senior football player Tyler Rankin of Ragsdale.  Tyler is student body president at Ragsdale and has a 4.0 grade point average.  He was chosen All-Guilford County as a defensive back in the N&R’s post season listings.  Today(Wednesday) is signing day and Tyler told me he isn’t signing with anybody yet.  He is taking a close look at Georgia and Wake Forest.  Robert Siler former basketball star at Wake Forest and a football/basketball superstar in his hometown of Siler City at Jordan Matthews High School now works at Terry Labonte Chevrolet.  Robert Siler told me last week that his son Jarvis Siler who also played at Ragsdale will sign with Lenior Rhyne.  Jarvis played wide receiver and defensive back at Ragsdale and will play at DB in college for the Bears.  Doug Cockman may have some more news for us on the all-around signings later today and hopefully he will put those in the comment box so we can check them out.

Finally, I’m getting word out of Northeast Guilford that some of the cheerleaders and girls basketball players were involved in a drinking incident this past Saturday night.  The word is some of the girls were drinking Alcohol others were not.  Some were ticketed by the officers from the sherrif’s department and others were not ticketed.  There have been basketball players suspended and cheerleaders kicked off the squad.  Angry parents are talking about the differences in punishment and I have no complete word on this deal right now so I am not going to speculate until I get some facts.  Hope to have more on this problem soon and if anyone has heard  more on the situation let me know.  



11 thoughts on “Duke-North Carolina Tonight:What’s your prediction?/Other hoops ramblings

  1. The defense and home court will win it for DUKE. DEVILS 76-72. Bob Harris is the man, the best radio play by play man I have ever heard. Show me the money, DEVILS 76-72.

  2. Carolina seems to find a way to stink it up when they play in Cameron. Blue Devils 74 – Carolina 69

  3. Might as well pick a score while I’m on a lucky streak…although FOOTBALL
    is still the REAL game!

    Duke 79, UNC 77

  4. On the football trail I saw where North Carolina got RB/WR Greg Little out of Durham Hillside, WR Dwight Jones from Burlington Cummings, and MLB Albert Craddock from Southwest Guilford. I didn’t see any locals heading to NC State and I’m watching for Duke and Wake Forest reports… Anybody got any more news?

  5. UNC 87 DOOK 73

    Bob Harris is a great PBP man, but never have I heard someone whine to the extent he does. They replayed his call of the end of the FSU game, and it was just so typically DOOK. But he is no better than Woody and the other Mr.Durham has a heck of a lot more talent around him. Though not as much as our Mr.Durham 🙂 -PTL 2.0

  6. Dang too late.

    I’ll say Carolina 102, Duke 101 anyway (4 OTs so it’ll go down in history)

  7. At Andy’s request, I have posted some links on the front page to bios of the Big Four’s football signees. What is ironic is that of the four schools, i think Duke actually charges to read their signees bios. I also want to go on the record and say that I think Duke will win tonight in the women’s game.

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