North Carolina will kill N.C. State tonight, right? What do you think?

The Tar Heels host the Wolfpack in Chapel Hill this evening and what do you think the outcome will be?  N.C. State beat the Heels in the first meeting over in Raleigh and now it’s time for the pay-back to the Wolfpack.

The Heels surely have the better overall talent but can the Pack play on heart and guts and make it a sweep over the Heels?  The TV and radio guys say the Heels took N.C. State way too lightly in the first go around and now North Carolina has their sights set on making life miserable for Sidney Lowe and company.

I will take the Heels by 12 but it could run as high as 15 and N.C. State will continue their season of over-achieving on another night on another court.  This is not a game of hope and then if you lose make excuses, this is a war between two universities that hate each other and this game ranks second in stature only to the Duke-North Carolina contest in basketball.

N.C State is coming off a super win over Virginia Tech and has beaten the Hokies twice this season, will the Pack make it two in row over the Heels?  The arguement is that the Hokies played terrible defense against State in Raleigh on Sunday allowing the Pack to shoot lights out from anywhere on the floor.  The Heels don’t plan to make the same mistakes that Tech made and this game is in the Dean Dome.Â

The Heels lost to VA Tech in the Dome but again this is State-Carolina and the Heels know that this game is bigger for State fans than it is for the Heels.  North Carolina’s must win game is coming up soon agaisnt Duke.  For this night only, this must be the BIG ONE.  What do you think?  I’ll stick to the Heels by 12 and it could go as high as 15. Â

7 thoughts on “North Carolina will kill N.C. State tonight, right? What do you think?

  1. The Heels will win it and I’ll say by 9. N.C. State has been playing over their head and tonight the Heels will be ready. The Heels are getting ready for a strong finish. Last time in Raleigh was a fluke and if you think Coach Roy Williams is going to let State get by with that garbage again you are crazy. Coach Williams has won a National Championship and what has Lowe done? He has won a few games with somebody else’s players. That’s Lowe the coach, as a player he was part of a fluke back in 1983. State has been lucky and it all ends tonight with a Tar Heel victory and then Duke will have to be ready for the beat down of their life. It’s not going to pretty any more, in fact give me the Heels by 17.

  2. I agree that North Carolina will kill NC STATE tonight. Roy Williams is the next Dean Smith and Coach Smith owned the Wolfpack. Watch as Lawson blows by the Pack and Wright stuffs it home. Those two were the key against Duke and they will do it again on the Pack. Even Packer was picking the Heels on his radio show. Red and White are the ugliest colors I have ever seen. Heels by 8, they will be strong early and be strong late. Go Heels.

  3. When Carolina plays to their capibilities they win, ussually fairly easily, if State thumping Va Tech by 25 wasn’t enough of a wake up call for the Heels to be ready then nothing will be. This is the start of the stretch drive and I look for the intensity to ratchet up a notch defensively, this is not a great defensive team, but they are pretty doggone good when they put their collective minds to it. And with as much firepower as the Heels posses just a little defense goes a long way. Look for Carolina to control tempo and to force State into a full court contest which means the Pack will be out of their collective comfort zone and where depth will be a factor.

    In the end I see Bojangles in Chapel Hill selling a lot of sausage biscuits cheap tommorow morning.

    UNC 101
    State 78

  4. I think NC State will beat UNC by 5 85-80 and continue to be the giantkillers I heard that Sidney Lowe will be wearing his red jacket again and they will continue to dominate on defense all they have to do is stop Tyler Hansbro and Roy will fall apart

  5. The Wolfpack will win the game and it will be 77-75 on a late tip by Gavin Grant. N.C. State just beat a very good Virginia Tech team and now Sid says it’s time to bring out the brooms in Chapel Hill. The Pack is back and Roy Williams will need to call Sherwin Williams on Thursday morning because State will paint those Tar Heel Lanes bright RED and there’s not a darn thing Dean E. Smith Jr.(Roy Williams) can do about it. Ron R

  6. Big State fan, but really gotta pick the heels in the dean dome. Carolina should win big considering how much more talent they have. Of course they should have won big about two weeks ago and we know how that turned out. There is no such thing as a fluke. If you can’t get it done in 40 minutes of basketball then you don’t deserve to win. I mean really, how much time would you like? 2 hours?, 6 hours?, 2 days?… I say Carolina 76-65, but I hope I’m wrong. If I am it will be Sidney Lowe 2 and oooooooo versus big Roy!

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