N.C. State Lowe on fuel-Heels have plenty of get up and go

Mr. Durham called it for you here on Wednesday morning, the Tar Heels would beat the Wolfpack and there would be no looking back.  Andy Durham called it for you not Woody Durham and either way all you have to do is come to greensborosports.com and you can find out who is going to win before it happens.

The Duke-Carolina game, the Super Bowl, North Carolina-N.C. State last night, all of the winners are coming your way at greensborosports.com.  I don’t claim to be a NASCAR expert but we’ll still call out a few winners on occasion at the track too.

The Heels had it all in the second half and do you think it would have been any different if Sidney Lowe was still out there coaching the Pack?  The score might have been a little closer but the Heels would still be your winners and now the fans can’t wait for the Blue Devils to come marching into Chapel Hill.

If Lowe can’t go then Monte Towe shouldn’t throw in the Towel.  Towe looked lost out there and he kept calling for Engin Atsur to get the motor running but the engine was not working in the second half.  Atsur was on fire in the first half but I don’t think he scored in the second.

The Heels’ Brandan Wright is a nightmare and with 44 points between Wright and Tyler Hansbrough the Heels were unstoppable on the inside.  Coach Lowe needs to lose some weight and Monte Towe needs to re-grow some hair but just like N.C. State beating North Carolina in Chapel Hill, some things are impossible.

Great job by N.C. State’s Bradon Costner.  This kid is for real and his dad Tony Costner needs to be commended for the excellent work he did tutoring his son in basketball.  The Costner kid should tie Wright for ACC Rookie of the Year.  Ben McCauley didn’t impress me and I thought he hurt the Pack during crucial stages of the game.

The ACC is wide open, but the Tar Heels and Blue Devils are still the teams to beat and they are the ones the fans want to watch.

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