The Perfect Fit

Today, the ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament opens at the Greensboro Coliseum.  The first game is sold out – generally because of the hundreds of local school children who are given a chance to attend the opening game.

Normally, I’d start a long list of things that are wrong; but today, I’m drinking the Kool-Aide.

The Women’s Tournament is a Perfect Fit for Greensboro.  First – these are true athletes who are competing for the love of the game.  There are not big contracts – shoe, clothes or pro – waiting for most of these players.  They play because they love the game.  You see no spoiled athletes this weekend.
The Kids Free Pass Today – what a great experience for local school kids.  An opportunity to see college athletes in action at a real tournament.  It’s even better for the girls as they can see and meet positive role models.

The Coliseum – sure the curtain is down; but this is about growth and the ACC Women’s Tournament is growing.  The Coliseum has room for that growth.  Unlike the Men’s Tournament, where fans are turned away, there is room for everybody in Greensboro.
This is something that really works here and it appears as if Greensboro has the inside track to make it permanent.

If you can’t make the games, they can be seen on several of the Fox Sports Networks (depending on your satellite or cable provider).