Duke at North Carolina on Sunday

Duke will travel from Durham over to Chapel Hill on Sunday afternoon for a 4pm mens matchup with the Tar Heels.  Both teams are coming off of losses, Duke to Maryland and North Carolina to Georgia Tech.   

Both the Heels and the Blue Devils have been playing up and down all season.  The Heels took game one over in Durham and now who do you pick to win Sunday’s re-match in Chapel Hill?

Pick the winner and the exact score and we will have a great prize for you.  We will contact the winner by way of e-mail.  Good Luck to all and I’ll take North Carolina over Duke, 84-80.  You can also leave comments on the upcoming game with your score.  Thanks from greensborosports.com.

10 thoughts on “Duke at North Carolina on Sunday

  1. HEELS 80-77, and watch for Lawson and Wright to leave early after their fresh-
    man year. Lawson is in Coach Williams’ doghouse and Wright is ready for the
    NBA. Wait and see, I’m usually right about anything that deals with UNC.

  2. UNC 85, Duke 79. I think Duke will come out hot and fizzle down the stretch. UNC is a 10 point home favorite at most off shore shops so get down on the Devils in this one. Also take the OVER – 146 and a half.

  3. This note comes after the Duke-UNC game, but the big question is whether or not Gerald Henderson’s hit on Tyler Hansbrough was malicious? I know the heat of the moment comes into play, but that was crazy. I’m not sure what game Billy Packer was watching, but when I saw it I thought it was intentional immediately. You can’t hit someone with that force without being intentional. I don’t know if you saw Karl Malone’s elbow on Isiah Thomas many years ago. I’m not sure which one was worse. I’m not sure there are many players that try to block a shot with a closed fist? I like Henderson as a player, but that action shouldn’t be tolerated…And that’s coming from a borderline UNC fan…I’m sure you’ll have many more responses on that topic before the ACC tournament. I enjoy your articles, and thanks for giving us fans a forum to discuss. Keep up the good work.

  4. Good comments Steve, I didn’t see the game because I was out there on the outdoor court trying to salvage what is left of my playing career with guys like Marshall Brown, Chuck, Jeffery the kid from Grimsley, and the big 6’7 kid from Grimsley. Kenny O’Fallon, Bart Manning, Bruce, and their crew there but no Jan Pritchett. I heard the Jim Rome Show and he was saying the same you are saying Steve and heard the same thing from Fred at the Food Rite Market. Steve and Jim Rome are calling out Gearld Henderson and Coach Kluseweski(that’s what Rome calls Coach K). From what I am hearing it was really flagarant. What do the est of you think? More on Tuesday.

  5. I didn’t see the game either because I (like Andy) was too busy playing basketball to sit on my rump and watch it. We may not be able to get a GS.com poker game going, but we should try to get a GS.com basketball game up. That is if any of you couch potatoes are up for it. Anyway, it looked very flagrant to me. The ball wasn’t even there anymore, but my question is why the heck is he still in the game at that point? Wasn’t the game already decided?

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