Was the Foul Intentional? The Bloodbath in Chapel Hill this past Sunday

From what we are hearing the foul on Tyler Hansbrough by Gearld Henderson was not only Intentional it was Flagrant.  Henderson of Duke hit Hansbrough of North Carolina upside the head late in the North Carolina-Duke game on Sunday afternoon.

Did Henderson follow up on instructions from Coach K or was he acting on his own?  Hansbrough’s nose is broken and he will have to wear a mask to protect his face during the ACC Tournament. Henderson will have to sit out Duke’s opening round game with N.C. State after the ejection from Sunday’s contest.

It was late in the game and the outcome was already decided, why was Henderson going after Hansbrough?  Why was Hansbrough still in the game, his team was up by 14 points?  Was Coach K trying to send a message?

I didn’t see the game because I was on the outdoor court trying to prolong my 27 year career of Sunday pick-up games at the Forest Valley slab over off of Hobbs Road.  I was there with Marshall Brown, Chuck, Jeffery, and the big 6’7 kid from Grimsley.  Kenny O’Fallon, Bart Manning, and Bruce had all stopped by but they left to watch the big game.

Steve wrote in yesterday and he said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Steve said it looked like Henderson was going right after Hansbrough with direct intent to injure in his eyes and the shot landed right upside Tyler’s head and broke his nose.  Ogi Overman, formerly of many local sports publications, and now the Editor of the Jamestown News said he thought it was a Hard Foul and that was all.  April checked in here at greensborosports.com last night and said it looked like a punch to the head, almost similar to what you might see in a boxing match.

Was Henderson trying to take Hansbrough’s head off?  I still haven’t seen the tape.  I was watching the return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin last night.  Let us know what your thoughts are on “The Shot Heard ‘Round the ACC”, or at least around the RTP.  From what I’ve been hearing, Gearld Henderson might be the new Thomas Hearns or Brett Hart and we will be calling him, Gearld “the Hitman” Henderson.