Steroids, Scouts, and other Sports

The steroid scandal has hit the WWE and the names are coming out of the woodwork.  Sports Illustrated has posted the inside skinnny on the US internet steroid scandal and it has become an explosion.  Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Adam “Edge” Copeland, Oscar “Rey Mysterio” Gutierrez, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, and Randy Orton are the names that are being tossed around as having been very much involved with the steroid HGH, a human growth hormone.

Guerrero is dead and Angle is now working for the rival promotion TNA, and as for the others, Orton was given his prescriptions from the same doctor as Gary Matthews Jr. from MLB.  Orton seems to have the longest drug log of all the men involved and the allegations may lead to proven violations but it’s not likely the wrestlers will have to serve any jail time.  Big men, big problems.  Just ask Eddie Guerrero’s kids who’s your daddy and they would say, “oh my daddy’s dead, he worked for the WWE“.

We talked some yesterday in the comment boxes about the Lost Boy Scout, Michael Auberry.  The kid was from Greensboro and he liked to hike and he had just reached the age of 12 where he wanted to strike out on his own and hit the open-road and become a hitchhiker.  The word is dad plans to lecture son on the dangers of hitchhiking.  Again, Michael was from the reading area and he was into exercise so we had to talk about that here on the campsite or the web site.  Michael sounds like he might be trying to become the next Chuck Norris or he wants to re-live the days of Todd and Buzz out on Route 66.  The kid is OK and that is a good thing but were there other under-lying circumstances here with the family and the scout troop?  It sounds as if Michael was being picked on a lot and we all remember the kid from the Shining Light Academy that jumped or fell off the bridge a few years back.  This is a happy ending to a tough story and hopefully everything is all right on the home front.

Speaking of Scouts, the word coming out of Durham is that Coach K wants Josh McRoberts to leave Duke early for the NBA and that McRoberts is ready to roll.  There seems to be some major problems between J and K.  Coach K seems to think his Devils would run better without Josh around.  The scouts better get their paper work together and let the NBA dollars flow and we hear Shavlik Randolph has been saying “meet me at the pay-window”.

The other sports area saw a large amount of local games going on back on Tuesday.  I made the trip over to Smith HS and Grimsley ruled the roost over the Smith Golden Eagles.  The Whirlies’ baseball team rolled 11-1 over Smith, the softball girls won 20-0, the JV baseball team was victorious 20-0, and then last night the Grimsley girls soccer team stopped High Point Central 2-0.  There are some great soccer fields at the Smith Complex and at Grimsley last night Lee Miller Atkinson was the public address announcer for the girls soccer game.  Miller Atkinson is a former part-owner of the old WKEW radio station.

Among the other HS baseball games from Tuesday Mike “Hollywood” Henderson’s boys over at East Forsyth beat Northwest Guilford 8-2 and Eastern Guilford, Ragsdale, Southeast Guilford, and High Point Central(3-2 over Page in 10 innings) all picked up wins.  I read where High Point Wesleyan routed North Raleigh and former WG star Jerry Midkiff’s son Nathan went 2-2 for HPW.