Northwest by Southeast:Kernodle to Southern and IPTAY members rejoice

It was a busy day on Wednesday and this is not intended to be a diary but the road is long with many a winding road that takes us to who knows where, who knows where?

My first-ever visit to Kernodle Middle School was a good one and it was a great day for the Kernodle Middle School track team.  In fact I think every day is probably a good day at Kernodle Middle School.  Our tax dollars went to good use when they constructed this baby and it did not come cheap but I am sure the rewards will exceed the costs.

There were four sports going on at one time with the track and field meet, baseball practice, softball practice, and lacrosse practice all going on at one time.

I was focusing on the track and field meet and it brought back memories of my days on the track team at the old Guilford Middle School.  When I arrived at Kernodle they were throwing the shot put and then it was on to the high jump, the 100 meter run, the 200, the 1600, the 800 meter relay and on they went.

The competition was the Greensboro Academy and I have to admit I don’t know much about the Patriots from the GA.  Now the Kernodle Cougars on the other hand, well I know Ron Davidson and I met his son Eric on Wednesday afternoon.  Eric was running the 100 meters and also ran a key leg on the 4×200 or the 800 meter relay team.  Eric Davidson, an 8th grader, trains year-round and he also throws the javelin and is ranked among the nation’s best in his age group.  Eric’s abilities in the javelin will be taking him places and he will also suit up and play football when he heads to Grimsley High School in the fall.

The track coach at Kernodle is Mr. Johnson, the son of Yvonne Johnson, the mayor pro-tem of Greensboro.  While I was on my 5 mile run this morning, I couldn’t help but to think how good it was to see all those kids out there running and trying to get it done at the Kernodle Middle School.  There must have been 75-80 kids on the team and all of them were doing something.  It is good to see kids active and even if they aren’t great at least they are giving it their all and finishing.  That’s the key, finishing somethng they started.  It’s not easy for a 13 year kid who’s not the next Carl Lewis or Edwin Moses or Frank Shorter or Bill Rodgers or Alberto Salazar to finish, but these kids of all shapes and sizes were finishing.  Good job Kernodle kids, Good job Coach Johnson, good job Ron Davidson.

On to Southern Guilford to see the Storm battle the Southeast Falcons in HS baseball.  The SG Storm got hit by a tropical flying Falcon and SEG ripped SG 9-4.  Coach Lynn Reynolds, who came to SEG from Southern Alamance, has his Falcons playing their best ball now and he still will have to keep his guys focused because at least half of the season remains.  I had been wanting to see SEG all year because one of the Falcons has a  grandfather that attends my church.  Mr. Venable has been telling me about his grandson Justin Venable and Justin is part of a very solid SEG squad.

I also ran into Todd Webb at the game his son Ryan Webb, a sophomore, plays right field for the Falcons.  Southern is not a slouch but on this night Southeast had too much Austin Moyer, Jody Hackett, Adam Stone, Eric Seeders and others for the Storm to handle.  I will be keeping an eye on SEG and watch for their re-match with Ragsdale.

IPTAY, IPTAY, IPTAY.  I Pay Ten A Year.  Sounds like my kind of donation group.  You give ten a year and you are a real Clemson Tiger.  The Clemson Tigers beat Syracuse 74-70 on Wednesday night to advance to the NIT semifinals and Clemson is the ACC’s lone rep left in the NIT and the Tigers can bring the NIT trophy back to the state of South Carolina for the third straight year.  The South Carolina Gamecocks won the NIT up in New York City the past two seasons.  Can Clemson keep it in Carolina?  Just click your Heels twice and say IPTAY.   

6 thoughts on “Northwest by Southeast:Kernodle to Southern and IPTAY members rejoice

  1. When the good Tiger people first started collecting money which I think began back in the days of legendary Coach Frank Howard, the fee was $10.00 a year.
    If I’m not mistaken the annual dues have increased a bit since the inception. Long live the Ten Dollar a Year Tiger Total.

  2. The staff at has done a fine job of covering the local sports scene and the hot topic issues. This is not a pure news outlet but I enjoy reading your take on what’s happening in Greensboro. NASCAR does not interest me so I can take it or leave it.

  3. Mr. Johnson I take it you are not a true southern if NASCAR does not interest you—I say build a race track in downtown Greensboro and you would have 10,000 people there every race, BowmanGray Stadium in WS draws 15,000 plus every weekend.

  4. I would rather watch humans running and competing than watch cars crashing and colliding. NC A&T can draw a crowd with national track and field meets and this brings in real human competition, the thrill of victory and agony of defeat, as opposed to machines releasing gas-driven fumes that can harm our environment. Do you see my point sir?

  5. NASCAR drivers are the real true athletes in sports today that is why most of them compete well into there fortys—no other professional athletes can compete as long as they do.

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