Revolution Wins Opener

I didn’t attend.  I saw a report in the paper.  Anyone who attended care to chime in?

2 thoughts on “Revolution Wins Opener

  1. Having this game on the same night as the NCAA Final Four was unfortunate scheduling on the part of the Rev. I am currently in the process of planning a “ Night” at the Greensboro Revolution. I will post a story containing all the details when they become avaliable.

  2. It was unfortunate about the scheduling but that’s the league doing that and not the team. A blessing in disguise that Carolina got eliminated before the final 4, I guess.

    But there was a good fan turn out. 3000+ and the game was pretty well played. They looked better now than they have since the days of Bobby Sipio and the Prowlers.

    The promos need some work but they have plans to make them better.

    A winning team always cures the other shortcomings. I think they’ll be in the playoffs this year.

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