Who should replace Billy Packer?

It is time for Billy Packer to go.  Tonight should be his last game in the booth for CBS.  Packer has been working the basketball games for the Eye Network for over 30 years.  CBS needs to replace Billy Packer and we need to start talking about his replacement here at greensborosports.com 

I was remembering the 1977 tournament back on Saturday afternoon.  Thirty years ago this past Saturday Marquette was defeating UNC-Charlotte and the North Carolina Tar Heels were stopping UNLV.

In the Regionals Wake Forest nearly defeated eventual champ, the Marquette Warriors, led by Coach Al McGuire.  McGuire retired as soon as the championship game was over which saw the Warriors defeat the Tar Heels.  We should have had Wake Forest, North Carolina, and UNC-Charlotte in the Final Four.

UNC-Charlotte had Cornbread Maxwell and UNLV featured Reggie Theus.  Marquette was led by Butch Lee and Jerome Whitehead.  North Carolina had Phil Ford and Tommy LaGarde.  Those were the glory days of college basketball.

The Glory Days of Billy Packer Are Over.  CBS needs to bring on the “New Man” to work with Jim Nantz.  Billy Packer is starting to sound like a broken record.  We the fans need some “New Blood” calling the games on CBS.

Who should replace Billy Packer?  Do you agree that Billy Packer should be sent packing?  There comes a time when we need to move on.  You need to go out and get some new furniture.  Packer needs to go home and stay home.  If I’m in charge at CBS, I tell Billy his services are no longer needed.  If he is still under contract then buy it out with some of your Masters Golf Tournament money.

It’s time to send Billy Packer packing, so who is the New Man?  First choice is Jay Bilas.  The guy from Duke can describe the action with the best of them.  When Bilas first started doing basketball on TV he was terrible.  He was doing interviews for Raycom on the North-South doubleheaders down in Charlotte.  Bilas was bumblin’, stumblin’ and fumblin’.  Bilas has come a long way since then and his work on ESPN and CBS has been outstanding.

Len Elmore, the former Maryland center would do a fine job.  Elmore has been doing games on the tube for years and he could easily replace Packer.  Clark Kellog, already working for CBS could step right in for Billy.  Kellog, along with his brother Ron, is an Ohio State grad and Clark might do a Clark Kent impersonation and he becomes Superman.  By the way, what ever happened to Ron Kellog?

Send Packer packing, that’s our theme for today and others who might be ready include Seth Davis, Bill Raftery, Mike Giminski, and what about the trump card, Mark Packer?  The Packman is doing everything else.  Why couldn’t he step up and do one game a week for CBS’ college basketball?

Tonight should be Billy Packer’s last game on CBS.  His time has run out and hopefully his contract is up too.  We’re moving Billy Packer out and a new man in.  Who do you pick to replace Packer?  

21 thoughts on “Who should replace Billy Packer?

  1. I will take Jay Bilas but you might have to replace Jim Nantz too. I like the team of Gus Johnson and Jay Bilas. They will take CBS to the next level. Get rid of Nantz and Packer and bring on Johnson and Bilas. All Nantz cares about is Golf, he is not a Basketball man. Packer was better when he was teamed up with Mr. Cash so maybe Billy could re-create that team and take it on the road.

  2. Hey Andy – Did you forget about the real “Packman”? I’m talking about Mark Packer. How about a team of Jim Nantz and Mark Packer? Look how it has worked out for the Atlanta Braves? For a while it was Joe SImpson and SKIP Caray. Now it is Joe and Skip’s son, CHIP. Mark and Billy look similar but Mark just hasn’t gone off the deep end yet! Bring on Jim and Mark!

  3. Billy Packer is the only person on TV that will tell it like it is—he a DickieV I say put Packer and DickieV together that would be the most entertaining team ever on TV and the beat team ever.

  4. Peronally, I like the team of Vern Lundquiest and Bill Raftery. If CBS was on the ball they would sign Dick Vitlae away from ESPN. Vitale would do a great job for CBS in the studio on the NCAA tournament. Get rid of Davis and Kellog in the studio and go with Greg Gumble, Dick Vitale, and Jay Bilas.

    CBS must find a way to terminate Billy Packer and I wouldn’t give two cents for his clown prince son Mark Packer either. Replace Billy Packer? I say yes and bring on the full-time team of Vern Lundquiest and Bill Raftery and make roon for Dick Vitale in the studio.

    CBS needs to make some changes and they need to start soon. If ACC teams are not in the Final Four, then the basketball fans will not tune in to CBS but if they replace Billy Packer then there is hope for the Columbia Broadcasting System.

  5. I thought long and hard and came up with this. CBS needs Gus Johnson and Len Elmore doing the games with former WFMY reporter Sam Crenshaw on the sidelines. Studio team is James Brown, Greg Gumble, Clark Kellog, and former Georgetown coach John Thompson with special correspondant Cheryl Miller.
    You have Around the Country with former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson plus former ESPN 1590 host Maurice “Big Mo” Standback is out in the truck.
    Finally CBS has the Hall of Fame update with former WSSU coach Clarence Big House Gaines’ brother, Lawrence “Big Dog” Gaines.

    HOW ABOUT THAT LINEUP? CBS: Can Blacks Succeed? You better believe it Brother…………………………”The Flea”, from NC A&T

  6. Speaking of the pack”men”, has everyone forgotten about the real Pacman? Get rid of everyone and bring in Adam “Pacman” Jones, he will be available soon anyway if he keeps it up. That is if he isn’t behind bars. I’m talking a three person booth with Adam, Dennis Bass and Dot Sims… Who’s with me?

  7. Mark Packer would never abandon Hayseed and the QCB. God help us all if those two join him doing TV braodcasts.

  8. After watching last night’s game I will go with the team of Jim Nantz and Jay Bilas. I feel that it is time to put Packer out to pasture. I wish CBS would have never gotten rid of Brent Musberger. In fact I am not opposed to Dick Enberg doing some play by play, I think he still has a few good games in him but the replacement for Billy Packer needs to be Jay Bilas. Bilas is sharpest mind in the college game today.

  9. We seem to have a lively discussion going on here. Jim Nantz and Jay Bilas look to have the lead heading into the clubhouse. Someone mentioned Dot Simms but what about Dave Simms? Dave worked for ESPN and now he calls games for Westwood One. Dave Simms and Jay Bilas? This topic is not dead yet even though the college basketball season is finished.(Don’t tell Tennessee and Rutgers)

  10. I just heard Kevin Harlan on the Bill Rosinski Show and Kevin might be the voice we’ve been looking for.

    We could team Kevin Harlan with Len Elmore and all our problems would be solved. Let’s hear it for Kevin and Len.

  11. Let’s go new school and have Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkle call the games for CBS.

    CBS could use some new blood.

  12. The Packman has been reading these comments. We need to let him know that we can influence decisions at CBS. I know Vince McManus or is that Sean McManus? Let the Packman know, flood his show or go to packsmack.com…. Greensborosports.com is not playing around. We mean business here on this issue. We created an uproar at 790 the Ball and the Forsyth County Court System will never be the same after we came through there with the Tolly Carr comments on this web site.

  13. Bring back John Dockery. Or Frank Gleiber … Oh wait, he’s dead. My vote is for Andy Durham, the voice of the Greensboro Grasshoppers. He can give Packer a run for his money any day!

  14. I agree completely with the effort to get rid of Billy Packer, once and for all! As a homosexual male, I am highly offended by Packer’s recent comment to Charlie Rose about “fagging out”. There is no place in this country for that kind of hateful dialog. I am ready to get behind Andy Durham and greensborosports.com and make a positive change in sports. Packer, your ignorance will no longer be accepted! Yay Andy and greensborosports! 🙂

  15. Vaughn, welcome to greensborosports.com. We plan to get to the bottom of this(The Packer Problem) and other issues like it here at gbs.c. Eric Wynalda you are welcome here at the site too. Jim Rome, something’s burning and maybe it’s your pocket. Soccer fans unite and get down tonight and let Rome know he’s in for a fight.

  16. I vote for Mark Packer if he brings QCB with him—I looked up fag in the dictionary and the meaning is—to make tired by hard work—I see nothing wrong with BP comment.

  17. I like what Vaughn is bringing to the table. I think I met him once downtown and this man knows what he is talking about. Go Lady Dynamo and we’ll be watching the men too.

  18. We did get a response from Packman on the Billy Packer piece and to the Packman’s credit we know he reads and answers his email. See the documment at the top of today’s home page. Hopefully the Packman will share our email with the listeners on his radio show.

  19. What goes around comes around and Billy Packer’s time has run out. Bring on Bilas. BP did not have a good Final Four and hopefully that was his Final broadcast.

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