Who should replace Billy Packer?

It is time for Billy Packer to go.  Tonight should be his last game in the booth for CBS.  Packer has been working the basketball games for the Eye Network for over 30 years.  CBS needs to replace Billy Packer and we need to start talking about his replacement here at greensborosports.com 

I was remembering the 1977 tournament back on Saturday afternoon.  Thirty years ago this past Saturday Marquette was defeating UNC-Charlotte and the North Carolina Tar Heels were stopping UNLV.

In the Regionals Wake Forest nearly defeated eventual champ, the Marquette Warriors, led by Coach Al McGuire.  McGuire retired as soon as the championship game was over which saw the Warriors defeat the Tar Heels.  We should have had Wake Forest, North Carolina, and UNC-Charlotte in the Final Four.

UNC-Charlotte had Cornbread Maxwell and UNLV featured Reggie Theus.  Marquette was led by Butch Lee and Jerome Whitehead.  North Carolina had Phil Ford and Tommy LaGarde.  Those were the glory days of college basketball.

The Glory Days of Billy Packer Are Over.  CBS needs to bring on the “New Man” to work with Jim Nantz.  Billy Packer is starting to sound like a broken record.  We the fans need some “New Blood” calling the games on CBS.

Who should replace Billy Packer?  Do you agree that Billy Packer should be sent packing?  There comes a time when we need to move on.  You need to go out and get some new furniture.  Packer needs to go home and stay home.  If I’m in charge at CBS, I tell Billy his services are no longer needed.  If he is still under contract then buy it out with some of your Masters Golf Tournament money.

It’s time to send Billy Packer packing, so who is the New Man?  First choice is Jay Bilas.  The guy from Duke can describe the action with the best of them.  When Bilas first started doing basketball on TV he was terrible.  He was doing interviews for Raycom on the North-South doubleheaders down in Charlotte.  Bilas was bumblin’, stumblin’ and fumblin’.  Bilas has come a long way since then and his work on ESPN and CBS has been outstanding.

Len Elmore, the former Maryland center would do a fine job.  Elmore has been doing games on the tube for years and he could easily replace Packer.  Clark Kellog, already working for CBS could step right in for Billy.  Kellog, along with his brother Ron, is an Ohio State grad and Clark might do a Clark Kent impersonation and he becomes Superman.  By the way, what ever happened to Ron Kellog?

Send Packer packing, that’s our theme for today and others who might be ready include Seth Davis, Bill Raftery, Mike Giminski, and what about the trump card, Mark Packer?  The Packman is doing everything else.  Why couldn’t he step up and do one game a week for CBS’ college basketball?

Tonight should be Billy Packer’s last game on CBS.  His time has run out and hopefully his contract is up too.  We’re moving Billy Packer out and a new man in.  Who do you pick to replace Packer?