Former WCW Star Busted In Gambling Raid

From Bob

Dozens of people were arrested last night in Rosewell GA as police raided a high stakes poker game allegedly hosted by former WCW star Glenn (Disco Inferno) Gilberti.

Police conducted a six month investigation after complaints from neighbors about the number of vehicles in front of the house every Monday night.  They swept in last night to bust the game and arrested up to 50 people.  Authorities called it the biggest local gambling bust in decades.

According to local Atlanta area news reports, the game had a $10,000 buy in.

Gilberti is being held on felony charges according to a report this morning on Atlanta’s Fox 5.

Gilberti is best known to wrestling fans for his Disco Inferno gimmick that spoofed John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever character.  He appeared as Disco Inferno in WCW and TNA and still accepts bookings at independent shows.  Bob Ryder-

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  1. Like I always say, If you don’t gamble, you can’t get arrested for gambling.

    Baseball season is killing this website. Let’s talk some paintball fellas!

  2. Word from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution web site, has it that the Poker Game started out as Monday Night Football viewing party and turned into a full-blown madhouse with up to 50-60 cars parked throughout the neighborhood streets.

  3. Rob this is a sports web site and paintball IS NOT A SPORT lets talk about real sports on this site—I do not know of any school that has a paintball team.

  4. How many schools have gambling teams? Have you refuted those posts? If not, then sit down and try and reinforce your pathetic argument with something substantial.

    Rob Staudinger, owner of Paintball Central, is from Greensboro and participated on several National Championship Paintball teams. Dish some credit out where credit is due.

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