Tweaking Basketball – Moving the 3 Point Line

Ed Cone had a quick link to a story at USA Today about the NCAA recommending moving the 3-Point Line in college basketball back a foot – from 19-9 to 20-9.

I believe it’s time to take these changes even further.
I recall in my youth there were just a few in Junior High School that could touch the rim; much less dunk a basket.  Now, that’s pretty easy for most junior high school basketball players.  High School Players – don’t even get me started….

So why not graduate both the rim height with the player’s age?  Junior High – 10 Feet, High School – 11 Feet, College 13 Feet, Professional – 15 Feet.   Leave the Three Point line as it is; if only to leave that from the corner shot that would be out-of-bounds at 20-9 feet.

It’s time to return the game to a contest of skill and grace, remove the street talk and criminal attitudes.