Tweaking Basketball – Moving the 3 Point Line

Ed Cone had a quick link to a story at USA Today about the NCAA recommending moving the 3-Point Line in college basketball back a foot – from 19-9 to 20-9.

I believe it’s time to take these changes even further.
I recall in my youth there were just a few in Junior High School that could touch the rim; much less dunk a basket.  Now, that’s pretty easy for most junior high school basketball players.  High School Players – don’t even get me started….

So why not graduate both the rim height with the player’s age?  Junior High – 10 Feet, High School – 11 Feet, College 13 Feet, Professional – 15 Feet.   Leave the Three Point line as it is; if only to leave that from the corner shot that would be out-of-bounds at 20-9 feet.

It’s time to return the game to a contest of skill and grace, remove the street talk and criminal attitudes.

3 thoughts on “Tweaking Basketball – Moving the 3 Point Line

  1. lets make it really interesting and put a 4 point shot from mid court and maybe a five point from the opposite free throw line

  2. Hey man why don’t you graduate before you start talking basketball Don?
    The crimminal attitududes and street talk aint going nowhwere dude. Skill
    and grace went out with Coach Carter and we don’t need no rule changes in
    our game. Can you take it to the hole, me and my T’mates can. T Mac and D
    Wade got nothing on my boys. Sweet hoop dreams my brother and call me BA.
    “Bad A” Bill Bain

  3. A 15 foot rim in the NBA? Most people actually like the slam dunk and making a rule that gets rid of the jam would be bad for business. I do wish they NBA would go back to the old 3 point line but besides the dunk, the 3 point shoot is the most exciting play in basketball. Here is an idea, maybe the NBA should start calling traveling once in a while. As far as “criminal attitudes”, there are plenty of good guys in the NBA and sports as a whole, but the jackasses like Pac-Man Jones and Ron Artest get all the headlines. All the major sports leagues are making an effort to clean-up their games. I don’t see how making the rim higher deters “criminal attitudes” unless you think those with the “jumping gene” are more inclined to criminal behavior.

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